More Washington, DC, images

by Keith Stanley

(Copyright 2002)

103 Old Post Office tower view to Treasury.jpg (62874 bytes) 2156 Agriculture bldg night bushes sillouetted snow (+).jpg (85746 bytes) 5770 Naval Memoral (+).jpg (84661 bytes)
View toward Treasury from
Old P.O. tower
Agriculture Bldg., winter Naval Memorial
2419 reagan night (+).jpg (92044 bytes) Reagan atrium centerline 25.jpg (74407 bytes) 92 Reagan rotunda.jpg (46390 bytes)
Reagan building night Reagan atrium centerline Reagan building detail
26 Reagan aisleway (crop).jpg (72717 bytes) 1318 Reagan bldg atrium neon.jpg (71969 bytes) 1317 Reagan bldg wall lights.jpg (37644 bytes)
Reagan aisle way Reagan bldg atrium neon Reagan bldg wall lighting
3207 Treasury West Entrance.jpg (77477 bytes) IMG_0297 Nat'l Building Museum (ok).jpg (97132 bytes) IMG_0607 OEB hi-contrast.jpg (58059 bytes)
Treasury Department
(west entrance)
National Building Museum Old Executive Office Bldg.
Commerce (long west side) 425.jpg (68881 bytes) 2074 freedom plaza winter blue sky flags (+).jpg (83282 bytes) 3399 American University (+).JPG (103672 bytes)
Commerce Dept. Freedom Plaza American University
1513 National Theatre Chicago.jpg (49751 bytes) 1554 MCI Center from Am Art north.jpg (49402 bytes) 659 Corcoran night (+).jpg (78976 bytes)
National Theater MCI Center as seen from
north side Am Art Museum
Corcoran museum night
2068 prigs aprancin' winter blue sky.jpg (53075 bytes) 544 'Military Instrvction' statue (a portion of the Baron von Steuben monu) Lafayette Pk.jpg (49360 bytes) 2123 Lafayette chess tables snow.jpg (40618 bytes)
Lafayette Park statue Statue Lafayette Park Lafayette chess tables snow
82 Lafayette Park corner building (+).jpg (47199 bytes) 202 National Geographic (old building)(+).jpg (88986 bytes) 125 Nat'l Geo new bldg (-).jpg (61190 bytes)
Corner bldg from
Lafayette Park
Nat'l Geographic old bldg. Nat'l Geographic new bldg.
GT canal sunlit under overpass 33.jpg (67001 bytes) 431 Coal Bldg (-).jpg (45844 bytes) 353 18th st modern bldg.jpg (56877 bytes)
Georgetown Canal
sunlit underpass
Coal building 17th St. A modern building 18th St.
723 Willard & Treasury with clouds.jpg (83632 bytes) 2154 NASA bldg from Haupt eve blue snow.jpg (31556 bytes) 2101 GT waterfront night from KenCen (-).jpg (22624 bytes)
Willard & Treasury A view from Smithsonian's
Enid A Haupt Garden
Georgetown Waterfront
815 Marilyn.jpg (49092 bytes) 821 hotels from Taft bridge.jpg (46822 bytes) 809 18th St Adams Morgan colorful storefronts.jpg (106295 bytes)
Woodley Park Marilyn Hotels from Taft bridge Adams Morgan storefronts
95 Ariel Rios Arches.jpg (33894 bytes) 3674 Canadian Embassy (good).JPG (51444 bytes) Canadian embassy detail 343.jpg (45215 bytes)
Ariel Rios arches Canadian Embassy PA Ave. Canadian Embassy detail
1392 zoo entrance & children.jpg (75049 bytes) 1391 zoo entrance.jpg (57894 bytes) 4353 Seabees Can Do (good).jpg (103663 bytes)
Zoo entrance children Zoo entrance Seabees statue in Arlington
IMG_0573 Boy Scout statue (good).jpg (64152 bytes) Pershing Park lunch hour on the water.jpg (81656 bytes) 1508 St Mathew's sanctuary.jpg (61019 bytes)
Boy Scouts of American
Pershing Park lunch hour St. Mathews sanctuary
563 Nat'l Geo facade.jpg (57613 bytes) 5637 ABA pillars night (+).jpg (85442 bytes)
National Geographic
(building facade 17th St.)
ABA pillars, night

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