A Digital Art Gallery

by Keith Stanley

(Copyright 2003)

   The following images are based on pictures taken either with a Canon A50 camera (digital) or a Minolta X-700 35mm camera (scanned onto a Kodak Photo CD), then modified using an photo editing program.  To see a higher resolution version of any image, simply click on the image.
Copy of 1925 angled neon painted & tiled.jpg (98755 bytes) Copy of 3125 rome bldg reflection high contrast.jpg (38302 bytes) Copy of 3329 Doyle charcoal tiled 2 (+).jpg (75343 bytes)
Impact Rome Building Seepage
Copy of 3285 outside Xando's dark unsharp b&w high contrast etc.jpg (70693 bytes) Copy of 95 arches 100% contrast.jpg (45672 bytes) Copy of 3223 storm clouds over Dupont Circle metro (+).jpg (66901 bytes)
Connecticut Ave. from Xando's Arches Storm Clouds above Dupont Circle
Copy of 3843 inverted entranceway with globe (good).jpg (66387 bytes) Copy of 3241 shot out B&N Bethesda window unreal (+).jpg (39077 bytes) Copy of 3575 heavy hoar frost fountain & tree.jpg (87049 bytes)
Entrance with Globe Bethesda View Hoar Frost
Copy of 3202 facade inverted (+).jpg (88633 bytes) Copy of 3276 liquor store window inverted.jpg (51209 bytes)
A Facade Liquor Store Window
Copy of 3337 CVS dup cir door invert.jpg (70515 bytes) Copy of 3655 park inversion, baby.jpg (102474 bytes)
CVS Entrance Inversion Park Inversion
Copy of 3565 pyramids at nat gal invert crop.jpg (60277 bytes) Copy of 3570 triangle nat gal invert (+).jpg (88486 bytes)
Pyramid Reflections 1 Pyramid Reflections 2
Copy of 3336 CVS dup cir window.jpg (45510 bytes) 5045 Community Ctr reflections Sun City Ctr.jpg (75442 bytes)
Dupont Circle Window Community Ctr Reflections
5311 19th St townhouse porch eve high-sharp (good).jpg (97556 bytes) 5675 looking in Corcoran Hs window night (Hopperesque).jpg (71744 bytes)
Porch, Dusk Night Corcoran House
3122 Rome reflection inverted.jpg (68036 bytes) IMG0021-6 drawing.jpg (49541 bytes)
Rome Building Reflection Painted Elements

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