Washington, DC--Stock Photos

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)


MCI Center: 1554 MCI Center from Am Art north.jpg (19091 bytes) 2404 MCI Center.jpg (21640 bytes) 2401 MCI detail (-).jpg (24875 bytes) IMG_0450 MCI Center.jpg (22904 bytes)
MCI Center MCI Center MCI Center MCI Center
IMG_0486 new DC convention center, entrance (ok).jpg (13596 bytes) IMG_0483 dc convention center, west side view.jpg (10682 bytes) IMG_2025 dc convention center, main lobby (ok).jpg (15757 bytes) IMG_2013 dc convention center, an interior view (ok).jpg (16716 bytes)
Washington DC's
convention center,
Convention center,
Convention center,
Convention center,
an interior view
IMG_2023 dc convention center, interior view.jpg (17744 bytes) IMG_2026 dc convention center, interior view.jpg (15947 bytes) IMG_2016 light sculptural projection art, dc convention center (good).jpg (23270 bytes) IMG_2020 light sculpture, little boy running.jpg (17255 bytes)
Convention center,
an interior view
Convention center,
an interior view
Convention center,
sculptural installation
Convention center,
sculptural installation
Willard Hotel: 723 Willard Hotel & Treasury Building.jpg (23591 bytes) 1165 Willard Hotel.jpg (21706 bytes) 609 New Willard Hotel (addition).jpg (19731 bytes) 2073 willard annex winter (+).jpg (24204 bytes)
Willard Hotel Willard Hotel Willard Hotel Willard Hotel
2723 Willard Hotel addition, multiple mansards.jpg (29995 bytes) Freedom
2074 freedom plaza Marriot flagship winter blue sky flags (+).jpg (20198 bytes) IMG_0593 Flagship Marriot hotel, over fountain.jpg (21734 bytes) 4428 Marriot flagship hotel, bay windows, 14th & PA.jpg (23549 bytes)
Willard Hotel Marriot Hotel (flagship) Marriot Hotel (flagship) Marriot Hotel (flagship)
724 Marriot flagship hotel, Freedom Plaza (--).jpg (26830 bytes) 6112 Freedom Plaza buildings.jpg (15629 bytes) 1513 National Theatre.jpg (21235 bytes) 2787 Freedom Plaza Warner Theater.jpg (25412 bytes) 725 bldg 13th & PA (-).jpg (22133 bytes)
Marriot Hotel (flagship) Buildings National Theatre Warner Theatre
 (from Freedom Plaza)
13th & PA Ave
(725 13th St)
IMG_0498 Sewall-Belmont House, 144 Constitution Ave, NE.jpg (18859 bytes) IMG_0511 Octagon House and museum.jpg (18345 bytes) IMG_0515 Octagon House and museum.jpg (13766 bytes) 809 18th St Adams Morgan colorful storefronts.jpg (26126 bytes)
Sewall-Belmont House Octagon House
and museum
Octagon House
and museum
Adams Morgan,
18th St color
206 Riggs central.jpg (24404 bytes) 2405 Riggs bank gallery place.jpg (27576 bytes) IMG_6961 Riggs Nat'l Bank door, PA ave (ok).jpg (21054 bytes) 3702 PA Quarter bldgs.jpg (23776 bytes) IMG_1229 griffin at Jones Day.jpg (15082 bytes)
Rigg's Bank (15th & PA) Rigg's Bank
(at Gallery Place)
Riggs National Bank Pennsylvania Quarter
Griffin at Jones Day
2374 hecht's detail (-).jpg (22038 bytes) 3652 Faragut Square, looking up Connecticut Avenue.jpg (27300 bytes) 6096 up CN ave from 1050 (unmod).jpg (21909 bytes) 82 Lafayette Park corner building (+).jpg (16471 bytes)
Hecht's downtown
Farragut Square,
looking up CN Ave
Connecticut Avenue
with Mayflower Hotel 
Connecticut Avenue
and H Street, NW
IMG_0567 Metropolitan Square building, 15th & F.jpg (20495 bytes) IMG_0568 Old Ebbitt Grille bldg, 15th St.jpg (25486 bytes) 946 Star bldg renovated.jpg (29950 bytes) 201 Jefferson Hotel (16th & M) (-).jpg (25469 bytes)
Metropolitan Square
Old Ebbitt Grille building
15th St
Old Star Bldg
(+ adjacent renovation)
Jefferson Hotel
(16th &M)
2500 Tabard Inn (-).jpg (18871 bytes) 562 Magruder bldg (next to Sumner Sch).jpg (27496 bytes) 431 Coal Bldg (-).jpg (21575 bytes) 926 Benjamin T. Rhone (question) bldg (-).jpg (27829 bytes)
Tabard Inn, N St Magruder Bldg on M St Coal Building
17th St
Benjamin T. Rhone bldg?
MA Ave
5417 view monarch hotel garden courtyard.jpg (27783 bytes) 648 Oriole's store.jpg (23400 bytes) 2427 Capitol Hilton night.jpg (17969 bytes) 2426 Capitol Hilton night (+).jpg (19282 bytes)
Monarch Hotel
garden courtyard
Oriole's store Capitol Hilton (night) Capitol Hilton (night)
Uptown: 815 Marilyn Monroe mural at Connecticut & Calvert.jpg (20770 bytes) 821 hotels from Taft bridge (+).jpg (12799 bytes) 812 Taft Bridge.jpg (22232 bytes) 3531 Mosque on Massachusetts Ave.jpg (18862 bytes)
Marilyn Monroe mural,
CN Ave & Calvert St
Hotels from Taft Bridge
(CN Ave)
Taft Bridge (CN Ave) Mosque on MA Ave
IMG_0666 Intelsat Building, early-AM.jpg (13662 bytes) IMG_0667 Intelsat Bulding, early--AM.jpg (15582 bytes) IMG_0669 Intelsat Building, early--AM.jpg (16231 bytes) IMG_0672 Intelsat Building, detail early AM.jpg (17514 bytes) IMG_0676 Yanni's & Alero 3500s CN ave Cleve Pk (good).jpg (26158 bytes)
Intelsat Building Intelsat Building Intelsat Building Intelsat Building Yanni's and Alero
Cleveland Park
3500s CN Ave
3399 American University (+).jpg (22047 bytes) 3400 American University & 'wildflowers'.jpg (24868 bytes) 5033 Tenley radio tower scene (good).jpg (23516 bytes) 5030 Dancing Crab, radio tower, dramatic sky (good).jpg (24958 bytes) 3325 mazza gallery night.jpg (14977 bytes)
American University American University Tenley Circle
radio towers
Dancing Crab Mazza Gallery night
3321 The Shops (Embassy Suites maybe) Friendship Hts across from mazza gallery at CN Ave & Western.jpg (16179 bytes) Georgetown: 3622 Georgetown M St.jpg (22971 bytes) 5408 Patagonia, Georgetown, canal & arch.jpg (26947 bytes) GT canal sunlit under overpass 33.jpg (29480 bytes)
WI & Western Avenues M Street Patagonia Canal
IMG_1898 georgetown gallery, night (ok).jpg (11161 bytes)
Georgetown gallery
at night

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