Washington, DC--Stock Photos

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

Dupont Circle Neighborhood:

Dupont Circle--the park itself
and its central fountain:
2873 Dupont Circle fountain w duck.jpg (18489 bytes) 2759 Dupont Circle fountain (+).jpg (22386 bytes) 4363 dupont circle w fountain in fall.jpg (30794 bytes)
Summer Winter Fall
3230 Dupont Circle fountain summer sunset dusk light.jpg (18767 bytes) 521 dupont circle fountain.jpg (16513 bytes) 6460 Dup Cir fountain, bright sunny spring day.jpg (30771 bytes) IMG_0541 Dupont Circle fountain, people, background (ok).jpg (24302 bytes) IMG_0539 Dup Cir fountain, people, background.jpg (19768 bytes)
Sunset Summer Spring Peopled Peopled
IMG_0544 Dupont Circle fountain, people, background b&w (ok).jpg (19627 bytes) IMG_0545 Dup Cir fountain, people, background (ok).jpg (24666 bytes) 2865 Dup Cir lawn sitters tulips apr 29 (+).jpg (33023 bytes) 2909 painter (Michael Walberg) Dup Cir fountain.jpg (22281 bytes) Dupont Circle, chess.jpg (28104 bytes)
Peopled Peopled Spring lawn, tulips Painter painting fountain Playing chess
IMG_1320 DupCir fountain lunch summer.jpg (28042 bytes) IMG_1321 DupCir fountain lunch summer.jpg (26976 bytes) 931 dup cir curved park bench.jpg (29559 bytes) 2005 dupont circle, snow empty benches b&w.jpg (18525 bytes)
Summer lunchtime Summer lunchtime Benches in summer Benches in snow
2006 dupont circle, benches snow b&W.jpg (17320 bytes) 2007 dupont circle benches snow b&w.jpg (18570 bytes) 2011 b&w dup cir benches snow covered.jpg (17449 bytes) 2060 dup cir snowfield wideangle (+).jpg (13639 bytes)
Benches in snow Benches in snow Benches in snow Field of snow
On or Near
the Circle:
2765 Starbucks Dup Cir Sat morn interior.jpg (25248 bytes) 2766 Dup Cir Starbucks, people, taken from outside.jpg (23495 bytes) 28 starbuck's.jpg (24740 bytes)
Starbuck's on the Circle Starbuck's on the Circle Starbuck's on the Circle
61 Dupont Cir Starbuck's (-).jpg (20523 bytes) 2389 la tomate, night.jpg (20384 bytes) 72 CN Ave Tomate (-).jpg (20415 bytes) IMG_0725 Tomate evening.jpg (16231 bytes) IMG_0731 Tomate night tele.jpg (13089 bytes)
Starbuck's on the Circle La Tomate on CN & 20th La Tomate on CN & 20th La Tomate on CN & 20th La Tomate on CN & 20th
4549 Xando's dusk view toward NW.jpg (16601 bytes) 3825 Firehook window night.jpg (66137 bytes) 4557 Firehook Bakery cozy view in through  window.jpg (18091 bytes) 6070 Firehook bakery building.jpg (26664 bytes) 5693 Starbucks, CN & R.jpg (25779 bytes)
View from Xando's
on CN near R
Firehook Bakery on N Firehook Bakery on N Firehook Bakery on N Starbuck's at CN & R
5125 Starbucks R St night window.jpg (15431 bytes) 234 triangle bldg CN & N (Starbuck's).jpg (20562 bytes) 2761 Riggs Bank Dup Cir branch.jpg (24517 bytes) 2875 21 Dupont Circle.jpg (70676 bytes) 3330 21 dupont circle.jpg (68639 bytes)
Starbuck's at CN & R Starbuck's at CN & 18th Riggs Bank at the Circle 21 Dupont Circle 21 Dupont Circle
382 Washington Club on Dupont Cir.jpg (65261 bytes) 2772 Washington Club, south facade.jpg (24698 bytes) IMG_1298 Washington Club, window angels.jpg (22347 bytes) IMG_1302 Washington Club, window & elaboration sharp.jpg (23989 bytes) IMG_1322 Wash Club dup cir.jpg (21213 bytes)
Washington Club
on the Circle
Washington Club
Washington Club
Washington Club
Washington Club
on the Circle
3334 CVS, dup cir.jpg (57862 bytes) IMG_0760 CVS night (good).jpg (21219 bytes) IMG_0762 CVS entrance night.jpg (13220 bytes) 3335 CVS, dup cir window.jpg (45121 bytes) 5706 CVS night.jpg (16361 bytes)
CVS on the Circle
CVS on the Circle CVS on the Circle CVS on the Circle CVS on the Circle
380 Nat'l Foundation for Preservation of Historic Trust building.jpg (74157 bytes) 3823 Kramer Books window.jpg (85810 bytes) 5701 Kramer Books night window.jpg (26470 bytes) old triangle bldg on the circle.jpg (15145 bytes) 3226 Sun Trust bldg, CN Ave.jpg (51780 bytes)
National Foundation
for Preservation of the
Historic Trust
Kramer Books window Kramer Books window Triangle building
on the Circle
Sun Trust on the Circle
(building on the left)
1118 Xando's (south) cafe crowd.jpg (26818 bytes) Xando street cafe.jpg (26099 bytes) IMG_0724 CN Ave Kramer's block dusk (ok).jpg (23851 bytes) 3225 CN Ave, next to SunTrust.jpg (49866 bytes) 6710 Olsson's Books & Records, dup cir.jpg (24810 bytes)
Xando's on 19th St Xando's on 19th St Kramer's & Bedazzled ??????????????? Olsson's
Books & Records
(19th Street)
967 dup cir violin (+).jpg (20855 bytes) 968 Dup Cir violiin children.jpg (22605 bytes) 969 Dup Cir children violin.jpg (27729 bytes) Dup Cir bongos 386.jpg (28396 bytes) Dup Cir S metro sax player.jpg (24428 bytes)
Children play violin
near Dup Cir Metro
Children play violin
near Dup Cir Metro
Children play violin
near Dup Cir Metro
Bongos on the Circle Sax near Metro
4259 street vendor dup cir.jpg (23651 bytes) 4261 Dupont Circle vendor w customers.jpg (25409 bytes) Dupont Cir, cinema.jpg (21837 bytes) 534 19th & N rehab2.jpg (22127 bytes) 5319 Biddy Mulligan's dusk high sharp (+).jpg (19468 bytes)
Street vendor,
near Dupont Metro
Street vendor,
near Dupont Metro
Dupont Circle cinema 19th & N Biddy Mulligan's,
19th Street
5080 Teaism exterior day (R nr CN).jpg (26684 bytes) 6719 Capitol Video Sales, night (ok).jpg (20246 bytes) 6721 Comfort Shoe (ok).jpg (24337 bytes) 6725 Burito Brothers interior.jpg (20563 bytes)
Teaism, R near CN Capitol Video Sales,
CN Ave
Comfort Shoe,
CN Ave
Burrito Brother's
CN Ave
In the
17th & Q looking south (early empty sidewalk cafe) 53.jpg (25613 bytes) 2364 17th & Q.jpg (26286 bytes) 5063 townhouse turret, early sun, 17th & Q.jpg (22640 bytes) 2717 1715 Q St Luke's Gallery (+).jpg (33109 bytes)
17th & Q
Trio's sidewalk
17th & Q, NW corner Townhouse turret,
17th & Q
St. Luke's Gallery
1715 Q Street
2718 1733 Q.jpg (26163 bytes) 358 St. Mathew's.jpg (56468 bytes) 357 St. Mathews door detail.jpg (56350 bytes) 376 Webster House (---).jpg (77930 bytes) 3806 Chinese carryout, 17th nr P St.jpg (68853 bytes)
1733 Q St townhouse St. Mathew's cathedral St. Mathew's cathedral
(door detail)
Webster House,
P Street
Chinese carryout
P Street
3809 residents watering new landscaping on P nr 17th.jpg (76836 bytes) 4813 Church Street theater.jpg (22263 bytes) 5059 St Thomas sanctuary ruins wall relief (+).jpg (26142 bytes) 5060 Imperial House, New Hampshire Ave.jpg (23784 bytes) 539 P St (1800s) stone townhouses.jpg (23546 bytes)
Watering flowers, P St Church Street theater St. Thomas ruins Imperial House,
New Hampshire Ave
Townhouse row on P St
5617 Stead playground mural (good).jpg (20016 bytes) 5618 Stead playground mural (decent).jpg (21870 bytes) 5619 Stead playground mural portion.jpg (19064 bytes) 734 Stead mural.jpg (34234 bytes) 735 Stead mural.jpg (27273 bytes)
Stead Playground mural Stead Playground mural Stead Playground mural Stead Playground mural Stead Playground mural
554 P St McDonalds & ServiceStar.jpg (24122 bytes) 5612 Skewers - Cafe Luna, P St.jpg (23490 bytes) 801 National Wildlife bldg.jpg (27193 bytes) 803 16th St, modern apt.jpg (23822 bytes) 2372 Phillipine embassy.jpg (18181 bytes)
17th & Corcoran
McDonald's &
Cafe Luna & Skewer's Nat'l Wildlife Fed. Modern Apt bldg,
16th Street
Philippine Embassy
806 Green Door (side view).jpg (28393 bytes) 838 Trio's sidewalk cafe.jpg (31405 bytes) 840 Cairo side shot (--).jpg (21144 bytes) 841 Cairo frontal (--).jpg (35685 bytes) 842 Q St (nr 17th) townhouses.jpg (28603 bytes)
Green Door, 16th St Trio's sidewalk cafe,
17th Street
Cairo apartment building Cairo apartment building Townhouse row
on Q near 17th
townhouses in snow (++).jpg (19177 bytes) 5601 townhouses 22nd & P (SE corner).jpg (17388 bytes) 6704 O St townhouses 2100 block.jpg (21264 bytes) 6705 O St townhouses, 2100 block.jpg (31571 bytes) 6706 O St townhouses, 2100 block.jpg (26532 bytes)
Townhouses in snow 22nd & P, SE corner 2100's O St townhouses 2100's O St townhouses 2100's O St townhouses
IMG_1304 mansion MA, 20th & P.jpg (15433 bytes) IMG_1306 mansard MA, 20th & P.jpg (23214 bytes) IMG_1311 2200 MA Ave mansard roof & balustrade.jpg (15318 bytes) IMG_1313 2200 MA Ave, side, window elaboration.jpg (20570 bytes)
Mansion at MA & 20th Mansion at MA & 20th
2200 MA Ave
2200 MA Ave
827 Quaker Friends meeting hs (+).jpg (25069 bytes) 828 Quaker Friends closeup.jpg (24532 bytes) 823 stone house on CN Ave, Dup Cir north.jpg (23445 bytes) 825 hotel Sofitel CN ave dup cir N.jpg (25514 bytes)
Quaker Friend's
Meeting House
Quaker Friend's
Meeting House
House CN Ave Sofitel Hotel

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