Washington, DC--Stock Photos

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)


National Gallery
of Art--
(East Wing):
404 Nat'l Gallery under storm clouds (-).jpg (13936 bytes) 668 Nat'l Gallery exterior angle.jpg (12701 bytes) 666 Nat'l Gallery exterior.jpg (23697 bytes)
NGA--exterior NGA--exterior NGA--exterior
IMG_9519 nga atrium (very good).jpg (19562 bytes) IMG_9516 nga, atrium.jpg (18044 bytes) IMG_9515 nga atrium roof.jpg (18726 bytes) IMG_9514 national gallery of art, east wing, atrium (good).jpg (18807 bytes) IMG_0282 Nat'l Gal E Wing atrium ceiling.jpg (24239 bytes)
Atrium Atrium with walkway Atrium skylight Atrium with walkway2 Atrium Skylight
IMG_0286 NGA atruim roof (+).jpg (21755 bytes) 4400 Nat Gal EW atrium upclose & unmod (+).jpg (34138 bytes) 6049 NGA E atrium (seen from outside, interesting) (good).jpg (31252 bytes) 6049 NGA E atrium (seen from outside, interesting) (crop) (+).jpg (19629 bytes) 1527 East Wing atrium (+).jpg (18873 bytes)
Atrium Skylight Atrium Skylight Atrium Skylight
(from outside)
Atrium Skylight
(from outside)
Atrium detail
IMG_1209 NGAE stairways & atrium (good).jpg (12204 bytes) IMG_1202 NGAE atrium scene (ok).jpg (18051 bytes) IMG_0287 NGA east mobile walkway.jpg (13953 bytes) 402 Nat'l Gallery E main room (-).jpg (20629 bytes) 6004 NGA E atrium portion looking to S.jpg (18760 bytes)
Atrium detail Atrium detail Atrium Calder mobile Atrium detail Atrium detail
669 Nat'l Gallery exterior black sculpture against white unmod.jpg (10145 bytes) 6048 NGA E ext sculpture S side.jpg (21935 bytes)
Exterior sculpture Exterior sculpture
National Gallery
of Art--
(West Wing):
IMG_1368 National Gallery West, mall entrance, straight on (good).jpg (17240 bytes) Nat'l Gallery West Wing CN Ave side 341.jpg (17002 bytes) 3675 Nat'l Gallery W Wing (east entrance).jpg (17838 bytes) IMG_0291 view toward NGA west.jpg (18425 bytes)
(from the Mall)
(Constitution Ave)
East Entrance & Plaza East Entrance & Plaza
405 National Gallery west wing door detail.jpg (15028 bytes) Nat'l gallery W (S side) b&w.jpg (14191 bytes) 1524 National Gallery, west wing interior courtyard.jpg (32340 bytes) IMG_9592 nat gal w, main axis (ok).jpg (15446 bytes) IMG_9593 nat gal w gallery (good).jpg (13542 bytes)
West door South side detail Interior courtyard Main Hall A gallery
IMG_9601 a statuary hall.jpg (12028 bytes) IMG_9612 courtyard fountain (ok).jpg (18326 bytes) IMG_9608 diana and hound (ok).jpg (12803 bytes) IMG_9609 nat gal w rotunda, bw (ok).jpg (17479 bytes) IMG_9614 gallery w couch (good).jpg (8650 bytes)
A statuary hall A courtyard fountain Diana with a hound Rotunda A gallery with a couch
Corcoran Gallery
of Art:
IMG_1339 Corcoran, night (good).jpg (15838 bytes) IMG_1340 Corcoran, night, (ok).jpg (17129 bytes) 661 Corcoran night.JPG (15488 bytes) 619 Corcoran Sch.jpg (22804 bytes)
Corcoran exterior
Corcoran exterior
Corcoran exterior
Corcoran School
4489 Corcoran view up main staircase.JPG (17406 bytes) 4485 Corcoran cafe area.JPG (19313 bytes) 4486 Corcoran cafe area (expansive view (decent).JPG (21291 bytes) National Building
IMG_0297 Nat'l Building Museum (ok).jpg (16184 bytes)
Corcoran main staircase Corcoran cafe Corcoran cafe Nat'l Building Museum
6016 US Botanic Garden bldg from SW of Capitol Dome.jpg (16538 bytes) 6018 US Botanic Garden bldg from S.jpg (22298 bytes) 6062 Botanic Garden view across tropical room.jpg (30708 bytes)
U.S. Botanic Gardens U.S. Botanic Gardens U.S. Botanic Gardens
627 Renwick (-).JPG (25396 bytes)
Renwick Gallery

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