Pictures of Washington, DC--
Local Color Favorites

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

    The pictures on this page are some of my favorites of local, less-well-known, sights and local color around Washington, DC.  Pictures of well-known Washington, DC, sights, landmarks & monuments, can be found through my Washington, DC, Homepage.
IMG_0653 horses heads (ok).jpg (90623 bytes) IMG_0656 officers in red on dark horses (good).jpg (73358 bytes) IMG_0654 horses in motion (ok).jpg (88739 bytes)
Mounted-police ceremony Mounted-police ceremony Mounted-police ceremony
Copy of 2218 maggiano's window (+).jpg (99035 bytes) Copy of 2380 bldg detail riggs modified (+).jpg (38717 bytes) Copy of 4556 looking in Firehook Bakery window.jpg (99302 bytes)
(Friendship Heights)
Rigg's (detail) Firehook Bakery window
(near Dupont Circle)
IMG_7198 Ice-skating, NGA Sculpture Garden w Archives.jpg (71719 bytes) Copy of 891 Silver Spring penguins (+).jpg (84505 bytes) IMG_0392 dc marathon (good).jpg (92027 bytes)
Ice skating near
National Archives
Penguin mural
(at Silver Spring Metro)
DC Marathon 2002
Copy of 5031 Tenley radio tower, Dancing Crab, dramatic sky (+).jpg (102146 bytes) Copy of 4552 radio towers against sky dusk 2 (good).jpg (51383 bytes) IMG_0432 dcm cup litter (good).jpg (86448 bytes)
Tenley towers Tenley towers dusk Marathon cup litter
Copy of 2738 mosaic at Catalon restaurant (+)].jpg (124384 bytes) Copy of 3711 18th St lighted hallway.jpg (60718 bytes) Copy of 75 PCM floor from above.jpg (89579 bytes)
Mosaic in downtown
Lighted hallway Pentagon City Mall
IMG_1778 metro train at metro center (+).jpg (49369 bytes) Copy of 2169 metro station (+).jpg (86065 bytes) Copy of 2709 metro car empty.jpg (74603 bytes)
Metro train at
metro center
Metro station Empty metro car
Copy of 2234 Williard space exterior detail 1 +.jpg (65259 bytes) Copy of 3315 mazza gallery (general cinema) exterior dusk (+).jpg (103213 bytes) IMG_6966 Reagan banners, night (ok).jpg (37901 bytes)
Willard Hotel detail (DC) Mazza Gallery (night)
[Friendship Heights]
Reagan banners, night
Copy of 4925 Border's Books & Music (DC) (good).jpg (114898 bytes) Copy of 3240 Super Crown magazine rack.jpg (149778 bytes) Copy of 5133 B&N GT.jpg (112142 bytes)
Border's Book & Music (DC) Magazine rack Barnes & Noble
Copy of 4431 Robert's Oxygen truck.jpg (88531 bytes) Copy of 2433 floral shop window night (+).jpg (71314 bytes) Copy of 3634 vendor's truck in front of Nat'l Hist on Const Ave.jpg (108642 bytes)
Roberts Oxygen truck Florist shop window Street vendor
(near the Mall)
IMG_0716 Indian dance Freer steps (good).jpg (108702 bytes) Copy of 2742 Catalan interior detail mirror (+).jpg (116110 bytes)
South Indian dancers
(at the Freer Gallery)
Restaurant interior
(downtown DC)
4460 Reagan courtyard dusk lights, fall colors.jpg (94625 bytes) IMG_1250 reagan bldg plaza out WWC window.jpg (58607 bytes) Copy of 1159 Treasury seal Latin.jpg (82085 bytes)
Fall evening near
Woodrow Wilson Plaza
Woodrow Wilson Plaza
from Woodrow Wilson
Treasury seal (Latin)
IMG_7194 Gallery 2000, night (good).jpg (78900 bytes)  

IMG_9750 Old PO Pavillion, view up (+).jpg (60979 bytes)

IMG_0736 B&N detail night (good).jpg (71316 bytes)
Gallery 2000, night Old Post Office Pavilion,
atrium--straight up
Barnes & Noble, night
IMG_0694 Union Sta food ct coffee am (ok).jpg (82726 bytes) IMG_0693 diner early union sta (ok).jpg (105985 bytes) IMG_0689 Union Sta empty food ct with railings.jpg (97632 bytes)
Union Station
(morning coffee)
Union Station, diner Union Station
(empty food court)

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