Sarah P.Duke Gardens

by Keith Stanley

    Over Columbus Day weekend, Jana & I visited my friend, Gordon, in Chapel Hill, NC.  Good food, friends, and a little bit of sightseeing--we all enjoyed it.  On the way back home, Jana & I stopped at Duke University (Durham, NC) to stroll in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  Here are a few pictures:
IMG_0017 rafters and chandeliers at the doris duke center (ok).jpg (61790 bytes) IMG_0019 rose garden roundabout.jpg (80149 bytes) IMG_0022 pine tree crowns against the sky (good).jpg (95653 bytes)
Rafters and chandeliers
at the Doris Duke Center
Rose garden roundabout Pine tree crowns, sky
IMG_0024 asian garden pond w arched bridge (ok).jpg (73046 bytes) IMG_0023 asian garden, woods & stone (ok).jpg (75515 bytes) IMG_0025 pond, bridge, 'pagoda' [jana's] (ok).jpg (70682 bytes)
Asiatic Arboretum,
pond and arched bridge
Asiatic Arboretum,
woods & stone
Asiatic Arboretum,
stone lantern, pond and bridge
IMG_0027 jana coming to the zig-zag crossing (ok).jpg (71009 bytes) IMG_0028 jana on pond platform.jpg (76021 bytes) IMG_0029 keith on pond platform (ok).jpg (69306 bytes)
Jana approaches
the zig-zag bridge
Jana on the crossing Keith on the crossing