Photographic Prints by Keith Stanley

Most of my images are available as prints, though not all images are available in the larger sizes.  Generally images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive glossy or matte photo paper using a light jet printer.  Price varies by size, as shown in the table below:

If the longest side of the print is: Price:
10 inches $50
16 inches $110
20 inches $139
24 inches $165
30 inches $225

Generally you should receive your prints about a week after you place your order.  I accept payment by check.  To order (or make inquiries), please email me at  I do not charge for shipping/handling (if shipped by ground in the U.S.)--these services are included in the prices quoted above.  

Most (about half) of the images shown on my web pages are available for printing, including, for example, the Washington, DC, images below.  Thanks.

IMG_9535 Capitol, dusk.jpg (35094 bytes) IMG_7239 White House Christmas, snow.jpg (37351 bytes) IMG_9549 Capitol dome, moon, night.jpg (31627 bytes)
Capitol Building at dusk White House, Christmas Capitol Dome with moon
IMG_0481 Jefferson Memorial, tidal basin, cherry blossoms.jpg (40713 bytes) IMG_7669 Capitol building, snowy walk.jpg (31617 bytes) IMG_1706 arlington memorial cemetery.jpg (66810 bytes)
Jefferson Memorial with
cherry blossoms
Capitol Building, snowy walk Arlington Memorial Cemetery
IMG_7792 Capitol Building w senate side, forsythia.jpg (40172 bytes) IMG_9493 WWII memorial, with washington monument, dusk.jpg (31436 bytes) IMG_9497 washington monument, capitol, reflecting pool, WWII mon, dusk.jpg (31443 bytes)
Capitol Building, Springtime World War II Memorial
with Washington Monument
at dusk
Washington Monument with
reflecting pool, Capitol Dome and
WWII Memorial at dusk
IMG_1771 union station, arches and barrels.jpg (47348 bytes) IMG_1778 metro train at metro center.jpg (39042 bytes)
Union Station, detail Metro train at Metro Center