Pictures of Bath England (U.K.)

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2000)

The following pictures were taken in Bath in September, 2000
(click on any image below to see a higher resolution version):

Copy of 4160 bath bridge with buildings on it (ponta bath).jpg (116087 bytes) Copy of 4140 Bath quaintish narrow street.jpg (97597 bytes)
Pulteney Bridge A quaint narrow street
Copy of 4133 bath circus showing unclean stone.jpg (107058 bytes) Copy of 4127 bath scene nr abbey from bath museum top.jpg (71791 bytes)
Bath Circus Bath scene, near Abbey
Copy of 4014 Bath's bath site & museum.jpg (88042 bytes) Copy of 4121 Bath bath main pool w floor ruins & surrounding Bath Museum Building.jpg (126546 bytes)
Bath Museum Building Ancient Roman Bath, surrounded by Bath Museum, with Abbey in background
Copy of 4103 bath abbey interior.jpg (76729 bytes) Copy of 4116 bath abbey organ (+).jpg (120269 bytes)
Bath Abbey Nave Bath Abbey Organ
Copy of 4109 bath abbey looking up the nave (good).jpg (79813 bytes) Copy of 4113 bath abbey vaulted ceiling (=).jpg (116096 bytes)
Bath Abbey Nave Bath Abbey Vaulted Ceiling
Copy of 4108 bath abbey memorials & stained glass.jpg (128771 bytes) Copy of 4111 bath abbey stained window detail (good).jpg (96092 bytes)
Bath Abbey Memorials Bath Abbey Stained Glass
Copy of 4117 bath abbey interior looking down side aisle parallel to nave.jpg (71009 bytes)
Bath Abbey, parallel to nave

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