Bermuda Pictures

by Keith Stanley & Hiong Leng (Jana) Stanley*
(Copyright 2004)
Bermuda's natural beauty:
P1010323 beach w rocks.jpg (26616 bytes) IMG_9664 sea through cleft in rock (ok).jpg (62403 bytes) IMG_9663 markings on the sand.jpg (59133 bytes)
Rocks, sea, beach A cleft in the rock Markings on the sand
IMG_9665 sillouetted rocks at sunset (good).jpg (31772 bytes) IMG_9666 rocks, sea, and cloud (+).jpg (35300 bytes) IMG_9668 symmetric bands of color (ok).jpg (25169 bytes)
Silhouetted rocks Sea, sand & rock,
approaching dusk
Bands of color
P1010291 the rock nr fort st catherine.jpg (58562 bytes) P1010285 tobaco bay.jpg (48264 bytes) IMG_9673 rocks, cliff, sky (+).jpg (44211 bytes)
Rocks near Achilles Bay Tobaco Bay* White cliff over shallow water
Bermudian architecture and ambiance:
IMG_9610 st george heritage area (ok).jpg (48532 bytes) IMG_9593 historic St George church.jpg (57294 bytes) IMG_9596 church interior tombstones.jpg (38937 bytes)
St. George, Bermuda,
a World Heritage site
Historic St. Peter's church
in St. George
Church interior, 'tombstones'
P1010278 house with walkway and typical bermudian roof (good).jpg (72648 bytes) IMG_9601 door to typical bermudian house (good).jpg (41676 bytes) P1010281 St. George pink wall, jana (ok).jpg (31609 bytes)
Typical Bermudian house with
white, limestone roof*
Entrance & stair St. George, pink wall
with green shutters
P1010269 walkway in st george (ok).jpg (73823 bytes) P1010279 bermudian walkway uphill (ok).jpg (25816 bytes) IMG_9606 jana, doorway, stairs, directions (good).jpg (43806 bytes)
Walkway in St. George* Bermudian walkway, road* . . . getting directions
IMG_9607 directions in doorway.jpg (26874 bytes) IMG_9613 yacht cockpit, FBI.jpg (71698 bytes) P1010277 stump w concrete, close-up (good).jpg (66299 bytes)
. . . getting directions #2 Sailing yacht,
cabin & forward deck
Can you guess what this is?*
IMG_9641 hamilton, cathedral, gothic, exterior (ok).jpg (34746 bytes) IMG_9644 cathedral interior (good).jpg (28703 bytes) P1010309 steeple on ame church.jpg (19357 bytes)
Hamilton Bermuda cathedral Cathedral interior Steeple on St. Paul's
AME church*
P1010303 hamilton city hall (ok).jpg (33283 bytes) P1010302 fountains at hamilton city hall, stop action.jpg (55154 bytes)
Hamilton City Hall* City Hall fountains*

*Credits:  All photos on this page are by Keith Stanley, except for those marked with an "*", which are by Hiong Leng Stanley.  Website created by Keith Stanley.

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