Cambodia -- Around Siem Reap

The Ruins and the People

by Keith Stanley (copyright 2006)

    The town of Siem Reap, Cambodia is the stopping off point for tourists interested in seeing the magnificent ruins of the ancient Khmer Empire close by.  The most well-known (and largest) of the ruined ancient temples is that of Angkor Wat, but there are many others that merit closer attention, such as Angkor Thom, the Bayon, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei.  In fact, when tourists say they have visited Angkor Wat, they quite likely are referring not only to Angkor Wat proper, but to other ruins as well (some of which are as well or better preserved and deserving of historical and artistic recognition).  The subject of this page is some of these other ruins, as well as the native peoples who live in the region.
IMG_2868 the bayon, a view 2 (good).jpg (100873 bytes) IMG_2846 bayon vicinity.jpg (59159 bytes) IMG_2849 bayon area (ok).jpg (58306 bytes)
The Bayon, visage Bayon vicinity Bayon, bas relief
IMG_2858 bayon, bas relief.jpg (98086 bytes) IMG_2839 on the approach to the south gate of Angkor Thom.jpg (76865 bytes) IMG_2870 3 local boys with their trucks (ok).jpg (60333 bytes)
Bayon, bas relief On the approach to Angkor Thom,
south gate
3 local boys with their trucks
IMG_2873 ta prohm w tourists.jpg (125718 bytes) IMG_2881 tree supports ruins and ruins support tree.jpg (102682 bytes) IMG_2894 ta prohm, walker amid ruins.jpg (83751 bytes)
Ta Prohm with tourists Ta Prohm, tree supports ruins
and ruins support tree
Ta Prohm, walker amid ruins
IMG_2893 ta prohm tourist amid rooted ruins (ok).jpg (80847 bytes) IMG_2895 ta prohm ruins (ok).jpg (108725 bytes) IMG_2814 market greens.jpg (74372 bytes)
Overgrown Ta Prohm, jumbled ruins -
some re-assembly required
Market greens in Siem Reap
IMG_2904 bantaey srei carving (good).jpg (88300 bytes) IMG_2899 icon.jpg (44175 bytes) IMG_2920 girls selling postcards (good).jpg (66481 bytes)
Banteay Srei carvings Icon at one of the temples Girls selling postcards
IMG_2916 house on stilts.jpg (88166 bytes) IMG_2923 rice paddy sunset 2.jpg (69795 bytes) IMG_2928 house and residents (good).jpg (88475 bytes)
House on stilts Rice paddy sunset House with residents
IMG_2956 smoky domestic scene (good).jpg (88041 bytes) IMG_2960 house on stilts.jpg (62064 bytes) IMG_2961 girl pumping water (ok).jpg (68970 bytes)
smoky domestic scene House on stilts Girl pumping water
IMG_2963 running down the road.jpg (75705 bytes) IMG_2964 'public transportation' (good).jpg (56863 bytes) IMG_2974 life on tonle sap.jpg (85816 bytes)
On the road "public transportation" Life on Tonle Sap Lake
IMG_2977 life on the lake tonle sap.jpg (52858 bytes) IMG_2972 rub-a-dub-dub.jpg (49815 bytes) IMG_2976 girl in a floating box (ok).jpg (46546 bytes)
Life on the lake Rub-a-dub-dub Girl in a box
IMG_2941 dancer.jpg (27438 bytes) IMG_2946 fisherman's dance (ok).jpg (50863 bytes) IMG_2945 traditional cambodian dancers.jpg (58558 bytes)
Traditional Cambodian dance Fishermen's dance Traditional dance
IMG_3001 siem reap airport terminal.jpg (61412 bytes)    
Siem Reap airport terminal -
time to leave

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