Red Rock Country, Arches & Monuments

Photos by Keith & Jana Stanley

Eastern Utah, near Arches National Park:
IMG_9357 Utah red rock, route 128 (ok).JPG (39672 bytes) P1010065 historic bridge.JPG (42808 bytes) IMG_9857 jana on historic bridge over the river Colorado (ok).JPG (46969 bytes)
Utah route 128 en route to Moab Historic suspension bridge over
Colorado River off route 128
Walking across
the historic bridge
IMG_9860 hwy 128 over Colorado river.jpg (36540 bytes) IMG_9358 jumbled rock, multi-hued (ok).jpg (55401 bytes)
Route 128 bridges the
Colorado River
Jumbled rock, multi-hued,
with grass
In Arches National Park:
IMG_9361 arches, park avenue (I think) (good).JPG (34908 bytes) IMG_9368 rock formation, ancient landscape (good).JPG (33296 bytes) IMG_9372 twin windows (ok).JPG (37123 bytes)
'Park Avenue' Ancient landscape
rock formation
Twin 'windows'
P1010087 under the arch.JPG (30051 bytes) IMG_9378 a land of multi-variate hue (ok).JPG (44925 bytes) P1010082 monoliths, the light on the land.jpg (38086 bytes)
Under an arch A sweeping land of
multi-variant hue
Monoliths, the light on the land
P1010093 arches.JPG (36418 bytes) P1010100 grand view of variegated land (good).JPG (49096 bytes) P1010071 monolith and rocks, setting sun.JPG (23798 bytes)
Arches Grand view of variegated land 'Monuments' in the sinking sun
IMG_9873 arch sillouette (ok).JPG (18384 bytes) P1010074 hanging rock.JPG (22183 bytes) P1010075 the setting sun.JPG (10190 bytes)
Arch silhouette Hanging rock the setting sun
Colorado National Monument:
IMG_9848 Colorado National Mon (ok).JPG (45874 bytes) IMG_9851 Colorado National Monument.JPG (42762 bytes)
Colorado National Monument Colorado Nat'l Monument
P1010049 from the heights of Colorado Nat'l Monument.JPG (33019 bytes) IMG_9856 jana on distant overlook at Colorado Nat'l Mon (ok).JPG (35189 bytes)
The heights seen from
Colorado Nat'l Monument
Jana on a distant overlook
Some other Colorado Scenery:
IMG_9837 curious rock formation in palisades CO.JPG (56086 bytes) IMG_9840 rocky prominence in the setting sun (ok).JPG (29829 bytes) IMG_9842 rippled flowing porous sedimentary from car.JPG (31892 bytes)
Curious rock formation
in Palisade, Colorado
Rocky prominence
as the sun sinks low
Rippled flowing rock,
aka "Mt. Garfield"
IMG_9843 pink cloud.JPG (20427 bytes) IMG_9386 ghosttown doorways (good).JPG (49080 bytes)
Pink cloud Ghost town doorways

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