Cruiseship Views

by Keith Stanley & Hiong Leng Stanley*
(Copyright 2004)
IMG_9623 the ship's superstructure (ok).jpg (49769 bytes) IMG_9561 dining room in gold (good).jpg (61944 bytes) IMG_9560 stairwell mosaic (good).jpg (55185 bytes)
Nowegian Crown, superstructure Dining room, empty Stained glass mosaic, stairwell
IMG_9566 stained glass skylight (good).jpg (64411 bytes) IMG_9710 dining room in full swing (ok).jpg (55581 bytes) IMG_9559 gambling with glass and color (+).jpg (82248 bytes)
Interior 'skylight' The dining room, in full-swing Shipboard gambling
IMG_9553 mirrored lobby (good).jpg (49442 bytes) IMG_9558 shopping and central stairwell (good).jpg (51740 bytes) IMG_9563 arty walkway in color (good).jpg (60911 bytes)
Mirrored 'lobby' Shopping and central stairwell Artsy promenade
P1010261 (maybe) jana in the upper lounge (+).jpg (67443 bytes) IMG_9731 along the rail watching the skyline.jpg (68365 bytes) IMG_9679 Norwegian Crown, our ship.jpg (30404 bytes)
In the upper level lounge Looking from the rail Norwegian Crown in port,
P1010260 pool off back of sailing ship.jpg (76686 bytes) IMG_9698 ship prow from fitness ctr.jpg (61628 bytes) IMG_9706 ice sculpture bird (ok).jpg (38459 bytes)
Stern deck pool* The ship's prow What would a cruise be without
ice sculptures?

*Credits:  All photos on this page are by Keith Stanley, except for "Stern Deck Pool," by Hiong Leng Stanley.  Website created by Keith Stanley.

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