Bethesda Summer Evening

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

   One of my favorite places to hang-out the past year has been up in Bethesda in the very nicely developed, upscale, commercial-entertainment district located around the block bordered by Woodmont, Elm, and Bethesda Avenues.  Here one finds plenty of good restaurants, shops, a new cinema multiplex for artful movies, and the neighborhood Barnes & Noble, which is popular with youth, as well as parents & kids.  As a sampling of the ambience of that area, the following pictures were taken Sunday evening (7-13-3).
IMG_8416 dog, ball, kids, fountain (good).jpg (65436 bytes) IMG_8408 dog fountain ball kids (ok).jpg (73171 bytes) IMG_8413 dog, fountain, kids (ok).jpg (74506 bytes)
Kids, dog, tennis ball Dog in fountain Amazing!
IMG_8420 B&N cafe (ok).jpg (56517 bytes) IMG_8429 youth band jazz performance (good).jpg (74500 bytes) IMG_8435 band, reflections from inside shop (good).jpg (67238 bytes)
Barnes & Noble cafe Youth jazz band,
outdoor performance
Reflections on the band
through shop window
IMG_8437 kohlhoss dusk (mono).jpg (71556 bytes) IMG_8440 sidewalk cafe (ok).jpg (72778 bytes) IMG_8442 pet shop, dusk (good).jpg (73028 bytes)
Elm Street frontage A sidewalk cafe Pet store
IMG_8449 cameron's sidewalk (ok).jpg (58291 bytes) IMG_8450 shopfront sale (ok).jpg (68929 bytes) IMG_8451 b&n fountain evening gather (ok).jpg (68036 bytes)
Cameron's seafood,
carryout & casual dining
Shop window Barnes & Noble fountain

    These pictures were taken on Woodmont on the same block on an earlier date:

5088Bethesdasidewalkcafe.jpg (80594 bytes) 3212 people outside B&N Bethesda night (+).jpg (88490 bytes)
Sidewalk cafe on Woodmont Bethesda summer night
(outside Barnes & Noble's)

    On the other side of Woodmont:

IMG_7580 bethesda row sunset (good).jpg (53499 bytes) IMG_7818 bethesda building collage (good).jpg (56548 bytes)
Bethesda Row collage From Elm Street

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