Washington, DC--Black and White Pictures

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2005)

6043 Cap Bldg w reflecting pool (ok).jpg (40033 bytes) IMG_0520 Wash Monument with Capitol, bw (good).jpg (23272 bytes) IMG_0519 Lincoln Memorial (+).jpg (56069 bytes)
Capitol Building
with reflecting pool
Washington Monument,
Mall, Capitol, and Reflecting Pool
Lincoln Memorial
IMG_9416 lincoln, reflecting pool, bw (ok).jpg (32666 bytes) IMG_9435 white house w city backdrop (good).jpg (67303 bytes) IMG_1680 lincoln, potomac, rosslyn from washington mon, bw (+).jpg (55031 bytes)
Lincoln Memorial with
reflecting pool and
WWII Memorial, foreground
White House with city backdrop Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool,
and the Potomac
6004 NGA E atrium portion looking to S.jpg (41241 bytes) 4215 Arlington Memorial Cemetery.jpg (72442 bytes) 669 Nat'l Gallery exterior black sculpture against white unmod.jpg (26752 bytes)
National Gallery of Art
East Wing atrium
Arlington National Cemetery Exterior Sculpture
National Gallery
IMG_0561 White House, north side, detail (good)).jpg (62141 bytes) 2131 Lafayette cannon snow with bird (+).jpg (90059 bytes) 4400 Nat Gal EW atrium upclose & unmod (+).jpg (105833 bytes)
White House, north front Lafayette Park Cannon with bird National Gallery East Wing
atrium skylight
316 National Museum African Art, stairwell.jpg (30473 bytes) IMG_0600 washington under cherries (good).jpg (45379 bytes) IMG_1343 White House, north front, night (ok).jpg (26783 bytes)
National Museum of African Art
Washington Monument
with cherry blossoms
White House, north front, night
6105 Reagan atrium detail, bw (good).jpg (72532 bytes) IMG_0437 NMAI, entrance.jpg (44311 bytes) 6735 Forest Glen metro tube (good).jpg (65574 bytes)
Reagan Building, atrium detail National Museum of the
American Indian, entrance
Forest Glen Metro Station
IMG_7756 Capitol Building, cherry blossoms above (good).jpg (61137 bytes) IMG_0529 WWII memorial, atlantic end w people, bw (ok).jpg (56222 bytes) IMG_7669 Capitol building, nw snow walk, bw, (ok).jpg (46764 bytes)
Capitol Building
with cherry blossoms
WWII Memorial Capitol Building, snowy walk
IMG_0527 Vietnam War Mem statue detail (good).jpg (85810 bytes) IMG_1408 supreme court pediment & column tops (ok).jpg (56506 bytes) 6409 Hirshhorn ring.jpg (34757 bytes)
Vietnam War Memorial
statue detail
Supreme Court
Hirshhorn Museum
center ring
IMG_1435 Capitol Dome, low sun (good).jpg (33367 bytes) IMG_0583 korean war memorial (ok).jpg (81442 bytes) IMG_7836 a partial view of Sphere No 6, by Arnaldo Pomodoro, 1963-5 (good).jpg (54573 bytes)
Capitol Dome Korean War Memorial Sculpture, Sphere No 6,
outside Hirshhorn
1380 renwick Portal Gates 1974 by Albert Paley ironwork.jpg (65274 bytes) IMG_7110 Hahnemann statue (ok).jpg (67088 bytes) IMG_0349 Union Station arches exterior2 (good).jpg (35517 bytes)
Portal Gates,
an exhibit at Renwick Gallery
Hahnemann statue Union Station exterior arches
IMG_1368 National Gallery West, mall entrance, straight on (good).jpg (52763 bytes) 1317 Reagan bldg wall lights.jpg (32423 bytes) IMG_9583 capitol, bw, bold.jpg (24058 bytes)
National Gallery of Art
West Wing
Reagan Building, lights Capitol Building,
bold relief

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