The Washington National Cathedral

by Keith Stanley

Copyright 2000 & 2003
        Here are a few of my pictures of the Washington National Cathedral, interior and exterior:
Copy of 3403 national catherdral main south entrance (good).jpg (46919 bytes) Copy of 3516 national cathedral from south looking west toward front.jpg (75367 bytes)
south entrance from south entrance looking west
Copy of 3518 national cathedral behind the playing fields.jpg (53037 bytes) Copy of 3517 natiional cathedral from behind.jpg (49135 bytes)
as seen from playing fields  from behind
IMGZ_8826 Cathedral, night (good).jpg (27949 bytes) IMG_8820 cathedral night thru window reflection (ok).jpg (37059 bytes)
at night at night
Copy of 3508 nave looking from front back (+).jpg (49310 bytes) Copy of 3509 nave on an angle looking up (+).jpg (74521 bytes)
looking down the nave
toward the west entrance
nave, angled view
Copy of 3513 nat'l cath main alter with 'priest'.jpg (92910 bytes) Copy of 3512 nat'l cath main alter w candle being lit.jpg (87885 bytes)
main altar main altar, with candle being lit
Copy of 3511 nat'l cath 'alter' (+).jpg (53740 bytes) Copy of 3515 nat'l cath dewars stained glass.jpg (45651 bytes)
another altar stained glass
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