Cherry Blossoms (Springtime in Washington, DC)

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002-2005)

    When the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin (& elsewhere in Washington, DC) are in full bloom, many tourists (and not a few residents) consider it the best time to be here.  See what you think:
IMG_0564 jefferson through huge grouping of cherry blossoms (good).jpg (84159 bytes) IMG_7757 Capitol Bldg with cherry blossoms (good).jpg (98479 bytes) IMG_0600 washington under cherries (good).jpg (63036 bytes)
Jefferson Memorial
through cherry blossoms
with Tidal Basin
U.S. Capitol Building
with cherry blossoms
Washington Monument reflections
with cherry blossoms
IMG_0509 Wash Mon, cb & tb (good).jpg (55662 bytes) IMG_0481 Jefferson, tb & cb (+).jpg (65307 bytes) IMG_0608 couple on bench, jefferson, cherries, dusk (good).jpg (75327 bytes)
Washington Monument
with cherry blossoms
Jefferson Memorial
Tidal Basin, Springtime
Bench-sitting couple with
cherry blossoms, the Tidal Basin,
Jefferson and a duck
IMG_0613 giant japanese stone lantern, jefferson, cherries (good).jpg (68955 bytes) IMG_0551 jefferson, cherries, fence and bystander (good).jpg (84418 bytes) IMG_0626 japanese lantern, cherry blossoms, tidal basin, people.jpg (89709 bytes)
Japanese stone lantern
with cherry blossoms
Jefferson Memorial
with cherry blossoms
Japanese stone lantern
with people at dusk
under the cherry trees
IMG_0457WashMongrounds.jpg (99775 bytes) IMG_0556 washington monument and cherry blossoms (ok).jpg (55683 bytes) IMG_0485 Cherry Blossoms, tidal basin (+).jpg (90716 bytes)
Cherries and evergreens Washington Monument
with cherry blossoms
Blossoms along the Tidal Basin
IMG_0487 birch through cherries (+).jpg (99517 bytes) IMG_7762 cherry blossoms & bark (good).jpg (103097 bytes) IMG_0494 Rossyln in springtime from Jefferson (+).jpg (84406 bytes)
Birch through cherry blossoms Cherry tree bark and blossoms Rosslyn Virginia over the Potomac
in the Springtime

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