Dupont Circle in Drag
October 24, 2000

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2000)

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Copy of 4388 dup cir drag night make-up is a necessity.jpg (84476 bytes) Copy of 4378 dup cir drag night Gore 2000 pumpkin head cute guy.jpg (42028 bytes)
Make-up touch-up Pumpkins for Gore
Copy of 4374 dup cir drag night jester & friend.jpg (41031 bytes) Copy of 4369 dup cir crowd drag night.jpg (71641 bytes)
Jester & friend Diana
Copy of 4383 dup cir mardi gras.jpg (63504 bytes) Copy of 4389 dup cir drag night beautiful couple.jpg (43940 bytes)
Mardi Gras in October Pretty couple

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