Dupont Circle Pictures

by Keith Stanley

Copyright 2001

Dupont Circle Proper (views within, from, or of, the Circle itself):

Dupont Circle Fountain Center Relaxing on the Fountain
386c.jpg (98465 bytes) 603c.jpg (76066 bytes)
Bongos on the Outer Circle 'Gettin' Down' Inner Circle
chess-c.jpg (152421 bytes) 931c.jpg (93472 bytes)
Chess Relaxing Inner Circle
967c.jpg (47355 bytes) 969c.jpg (96848 bytes)
Recital Circle Southside Street Recital and Fundraising
Copy of 2909 painter (Michael Walberg) DupCir fountain.jpg (98673 bytes) Copy of 2911 closeup Walberg artwork.jpg (75211 bytes)
Circle Painter Walberg (right) Closeup of Walberg's Work
389c.jpg (53454 bytes) 522c.jpg (107658 bytes)
Metro Entrance South On the Circle (building)
1114c.jpg (96237 bytes) 934c.jpg (106585 bytes)
Circle Roadway Weekend Relaxation on the Grass
843c.jpg (84431 bytes) 382c.jpg (101804 bytes)
Kramer Books (just north of Circle) On the Circle (building)
61c.jpg (66692 bytes)
On the Circle (building--Starbucks)

Dupont Circle East:

838 Trio's sidewalk cafe.jpg (119300 bytes) 17th & Q looking south (early empty sidewalk cafe) 53.jpg (94256 bytes)
1537 17th--Trio's, et. al. 17th St. Sidewalk Cafes (early morning)
734 Stead mural.jpg (124760 bytes) 735 Stead mural.jpg (128345 bytes)
Stead Playground Mural Stead Playground Mural
554 P St McDonalds & ServiceStar.jpg (112391 bytes) 806 Green Door (side view).jpg (130524 bytes)
17th & Corcoran Streets 1623 16th (side view)
722 1700 P St stone townhouses.jpg (120865 bytes) 975 Bua Thai.jpg (93787 bytes)
P Street (between 17th & 18th) 1635 P eateries
Copy of 5059 St Thomas sactuary ruins wall relief (+).jpg (92363 bytes) Copy of 5062 townhouse w stairs, 1700's P St (good).jpg (73478 bytes)
St. Thomas (ruins) P Street townhouse & stairs
842 Q St (nr 17th) townhouses.jpg (130999 bytes) 834 Sue & Ward's old hs 17 & P.jpg (81078 bytes)
17th near Q Townhouse (corner 17th & P)
Dup Cir Nat'l Foundation for Preservation of Historic Trust 380.jpg (98076 bytes) 351 Dup Cir Iraqi embassy.jpg (103061 bytes)
Massachusetts Ave. & 18th--Nat'l Found. Preservation Historic Trust Iraqi Embassy (now closed), 18th & P
802 neighborhood Baptist church.jpg (53835 bytes) 803 16th St modern apt.jpg (87944 bytes)
16th & O Apartment Buildings 16th & Church Sts.

Dupont Circle South:  

1118 Xando's S cafe crowd (-).jpg (152920 bytes) Dupont Cir South cinema.jpg (87236 bytes)
Xando's 19th Street Cinema 19th Street
Xando street cafe.jpg (97495 bytes) 533 dup cir rehab 19th & N (unmodified).jpg (117862 bytes)
Xando's 19th Street 19th & N classic rehab.
358 St. Mathew's.jpg (81708 bytes) 357 St. Mathews door detail.jpg (58856 bytes)
St. Mathew's Cathedral St. Mathew's Cathedral (detail)
301 CN Ave looking north from L.jpg (97901 bytes)
Connecticut Ave. (looking north toward Dupont Circle)

Dupont Circle North:

72 CN Ave Tomate (-).jpg (107093 bytes) 64 Melody Record window display (+).jpg (114660 bytes)
Connecticut Ave at R St Melody Record's window display
823 stone house CN Ave Dup Cir N.jpg (103996 bytes) 822 statue CN Ave N Dup Cir.jpg (59057 bytes)
Mansion-Connecticut & Columbia Statue at Connecticut & Columbia
825 hotel Sofitel CN ave dup cir N.jpg (109204 bytes) 827 Quaker Friends meeting hs (+).jpg (125259 bytes)
a Connecticut Ave hotel Quaker Friends meeting house
Copy of 5080 Teaism exterior day (R nr CN).jpg (75495 bytes) Copy of 5081 bldg on R (nr across from Teaism).jpg (72971 bytes)
Teaism Building across street from Teaism
Copy of 4549 Xando's dusk view from to NE.jpg (89479 bytes)
View from North Xando's
across Connecticut

Link to my images of Dupont Circle in the snow.

Link to my images of Dupont Circle in Drag.

Link to my images of IMF Protest Demonstration at Dupont Circle.

Dupont Circle morning stroll 040800.

Dupont Circle 042900.

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