Dupont Circle snow pictures (1-25-2000)

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2003)

   I was surprised upon awaking this morning to find it snowing . . . so much so, in fact, that my work was cancelled.  I went out first thing, around 7 a.m. and took the following pictures, which it pleases me to share with whomever may see them:
2005 dup cir snow empty benches b&w.JPG (85832 bytes) 2009 club hs dup cir b&w.JPG (65316 bytes)
Empty benches Dupont Circle Private club on the Circle
2011 b&w dup cir benches snow covered (+).JPG (78534 bytes) 2017 Starbuck's view dup cir snow surreal (+).JPG (107808 bytes)
Empty benches on the Circle Circle view from Starbuck's
2025 starbuck's food display (-).JPG (94679 bytes) 2021 starbuck's dup cir snow scene.JPG (90383 bytes)
Things to eat at Starbuck's
while waiting out the storm
A view from Starbuck's
2015 Kramer Books snow.JPG (90269 bytes) 2024 riggs bank renovation snow.JPG (71997 bytes)
Kramer Books Riggs bank renovation
(across from Starbuck's)
2038 snowy car.JPG (46806 bytes) 2039 snow on stairs (+).JPG (63136 bytes)
Snowy car Snowy stairs
2040 snow on stairs.JPG (78110 bytes) 2002 17th & P early am snow.JPG (70361 bytes)
Snowy stairs 17th & P (where I live)
    Later in the day, I got some more pictures.  The first is my favorite, showing a clear night view across an expansive, snow covered, Dupont Circle . . . it was very cold with a stiff northwesterly, gusty, breeze . . . if you look closely, you can almost see the blowing snow in the foreground.
2060 dup cir snowfield wideangle (+).jpg (81684 bytes) 2065 P St snow night (+).jpg (84903 bytes)
Blowing snow P Street Hopperesque
2004 P St toward 17th snow b&w (-).jpg (38423 bytes) 2043 dup cir snow news broadcast feature (--).jpg (72182 bytes)
P toward 17th (morning) Local newscaster:
Neighborhood snowstorm feature

For more very nice Dupont Circle snow pictures, see:
Dupont Circle Snow (2-7-3).

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