Eastern Market & neighborhood

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    Eastern Market is located about a mile east of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, at 7th Street & North Carolina Avenue, SE.  It is a lively venue that sells produce, meats, fish, and other fresh foods.  The original portion of the old red-brick structure, still in use, was built in 1873.  Outside, on weekends, there are arts & crafts fairs and flea markets, as well as 'farmer's market' vendors.  These pictures below were taken Saturday, June 14:
IMG_8295 Eastern Market produce stand, unpeopled.jpg (75626 bytes) IMG_8324 Eastern Market, building exterior.jpg (69108 bytes) IMG_8298 Eastern Market produce.jpg (92704 bytes)
Produce Stand Eastern Market building Produce
IMG_8299 Eastern Market Lunch, breakfast.jpg (66158 bytes) IMG_8319 Eastern Market interior w people.jpg (77796 bytes) IMG_8310 Eastern Market, north exterior w people.jpg (48376 bytes)
Market Lunch for breakfast Eastern Market, interior Eastern Market, exterior
IMG_8307 arts & crafts, Eastern Market north exterior.jpg (87774 bytes) IMG_8308 EM arts north, selling (ok).jpg (55185 bytes) IMG_8314 framed pictures stand, EM.jpg (74391 bytes)
Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts
IMG_8294 townhouse businesses nr eastern market.jpg (50580 bytes) IMG_8323 7th st NE block nr EM.jpg (69341 bytes) IMG_8332 rowhouse shops nr EM.jpg (85163 bytes)
Near Eastern Market Near Eastern Market Near Eastern Market
IMG_8333 shop rug outdoor display.jpg (89667 bytes) IMG_8322 street musicians.jpg (53846 bytes)
Near Eastern Market Street Musicians

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