Dogon Mask Dancing

2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    The 2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival featured the living traditional cultures of Mali, Scotland, and Appalachia.  Among the many events centered around the cultures of Mali was a display of Dogon mask dancing.  The Dogon people live in southeastern Mali and in Burkina Faso, south of the Niger River on dry plateaus, cliffs, and plains.  The population is heavily concentrated along the Cliffs of Bandiagara, which stretch for over 100 miles, roughly parallel to the Niger River.
IMG_8661 dogon mask dancer (ok).jpg (46692 bytes) IMG_8663 dogon mask dancer (ok).jpg (39561 bytes) IMG_8660 mask dancer, rear.jpg (32115 bytes)
Dogon Mask Dancer Mask Dancer Mask Dancer - rear
IMG_8667 dogon mask dancer, stilts.jpg (35546 bytes) IMG_8674 mask dancers.jpg (41506 bytes) IMG_8679 drummer, accompaniests.jpg (70904 bytes)
Mask Dancer on Stilts Mask Dancers Instrumental Accompaniment
IMG_8678 audience with kids (ok).jpg (68914 bytes)
Some people in the audience

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