Ulysses S. Grant statuary monument

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2003)

    For the inaugural week of my "image of the week," I feature a marvelous statuary group dedicated to Ulysses S. Grant, Union Civil War general, and his troops.  The group of three elements, by sculptor Henry Shrady, sits just behind the reflecting pool on the west front of the U.S. Capitol Building.  The work was dedicated in 1922, 100 years after Grant's birth. 

    In its entirety, the work is over 250 feet long, and consists of three major parts or groupings.  The central element, a statue of Grant on horseback, is flanked on either side by scenes of Union troops in action.  The northern grouping, representing a cavalry charge, is especially impressive.

IMG_7782 grant statue.jpg (34139 bytes) IMG_7773 base detail, solders marching, grant statue (good).jpg (83677 bytes)
Grant on horseback Troops marching, detail on base
IMG_7777 horsemen charge melee (union forces, civil war) b&w.jpg (85780 bytes) IMG_7779 the charge, detail.jpg (80969 bytes)
Cavalry charge, with fallen horse
and rider in the foreground
Cavalry charge, detail
IMG_1384 statue at Cap Bldg reflecting pool.jpg (62429 bytes) IMG_7783 detail 2nd civil war statue.jpg (48201 bytes)
Artillery grouping Detail from artillery grouping
IMG_1383 US Capitol & reflecting pool (+).jpg (60435 bytes)
West front, U.S. Capitol Building, summer,
showing Grant statue & artillery grouping

More information about the monument can be found at "Who is That Man, Anyway?"

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