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IMG_7834 a view of Sphere No 6, by Arnaldo Pomodoro, 1963-5.jpg (66550 bytes) IMG_7794 sculpture at Japanese American Memorial.jpg (38099 bytes) IMG_8081 laying asphalt at night 3 (good).jpg (58416 bytes)
Hirshhorn - Sculpture Nat'l Japanese American Memorial Laying Asphalt - Construction
IMG_8525 headdresses (good).jpg (50298 bytes) IMG_8660 mask dancer, rear.jpg (32115 bytes) IMG_8382 silk road dance company.jpg (63329 bytes)
Fashions of Mali Dogon Mask Dancing Millennium Stage,
Silk Road Dance
IMG_7782 grant statue.jpg (34139 bytes) IMG_8674 curios bldg, maine (ok).jpg (67074 bytes)
Ulysses S. Grant
Statuary Monument
Maine curio shop Snowy cold

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