Fashions of Mali

2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    The 2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival features the living traditional cultures of Mali, Scotland, and Appalachia.  Among today's (June 29) scores of events, was a fashion show of Malian (West African) inspired fashion (some of the fashions are pictured below).  The fashion show is scheduled to run again on July 4 at 11:45 and July 6 at 1:15 PM.
IMG_8519 malian fashion, girl.jpg (29249 bytes) IMG_8507 mali fashion male.jpg (34968 bytes) IMG_8518 malian fashion, girl.jpg (25940 bytes)
IMG_8525 headdresses (good).jpg (50298 bytes) IMG_8535 mali fashion, male.jpg (36800 bytes) IMG_8530 mali fashion, girl.jpg (32536 bytes)
IMG_8543 close-up.jpg (31045 bytes) IMG_8546 fashion, male (good).jpg (24560 bytes) IMG_8550 fashion peacock (good).jpg (40834 bytes)
IMG_8567 malian fashion blue (good).jpg (31626 bytes) IMG_8557 male fashion back.jpg (42120 bytes) IMG_8568 malian fashion in blue (good).jpg (24594 bytes)
IMG_8571 malian fashion, blue, male.jpg (36100 bytes) IMG_8574 closeup (+).jpg (25532 bytes)

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