National Japanese American Memorial

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    Washington, DC, is a place of many monuments, memorials, and statues, some of them quite significant, even if not well-known.  One fitting that description is the Japanese American Memorial, dedicated on November 9, 2000, to Japanese Americans who fought for the United States during World War II and also to the more than 100,000 Japanese Americans confined to prison camps during that war.  It seems fittingly fair and proper to remember the injustice that can be wrought by prejudice at this time when Arab and Islamic Americans (and others) are coming under special scrutiny.  The Memorial is located just north of the U.S. Capitol on a triangular plot bounded by Louisiana Avenue, New Jersey Avenue and D Street NW.  The following five pictures were taken early April, 2003, when cherry blossoms were in bloom.
IMG_7797 cherry blossom JAM w pool (good).jpg (96583 bytes) IMG_7793 sculpture at Japanese American Memorial.jpg (51629 bytes) IMG_7794 sculpture at Japanese American Memorial.jpg (38099 bytes)
National Japanese American Memorial
with cherry blossoms
Sculpture at NJAM Sculpture at NJAM
IMG_7799 a quote at JAM by Harry S. Truman.jpg (70759 bytes) IMG_7798 detail JAM (ok).jpg (55474 bytes)
Quote from Harry S. Truman NJAM detail
    These pictures of the memorial were taken last summer:
IMG_1232 Japanese American Mem to Patriotism WWII.jpg (66896 bytes) IMG_1236 Japanese Am mem, wide.jpg (57485 bytes) IMG_1237 Japanese Am mem.jpg (69596 bytes)
Japanese American Memorial Japanese American Memorial Japanese American Memorial

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