Marine Corps Marathon Pictures

27th annual running, October 2002
pictures by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

    These seven pictures of runners running were taken about a mile from the beginning of the Marine Corps Marathon, 27th annual running, on October 27, 2002:
IMG_7141 cynthia, becky, & lou (good).jpg (66836 bytes) IMG_7122 team purple (ok).jpg (78836 bytes)
Lou, Becky, and Cynthia Team Purple
IMG_7117 MCM (ok).jpg (84867 bytes) IMG_7135 runners.jpg (56463 bytes)
A gap Two women
IMG_7125 MCM.jpg (89984 bytes) IMG_7136 runners, side shot.jpg (69399 bytes)
Astride Passing
IMG_7119 MCM.jpg (73479 bytes) IMG_7144 applause for runners (good).jpg (76298 bytes)
Bunched Applause

    For pictures of the 25th running of the Marine Corps Marathon, click here.

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