More Pictures of Washington, DC, Landmarks

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2002)

Treasury 21 (crop).jpg (49783 bytes) 1157 Treasury oblong sun on pillars.jpg (40646 bytes) IMG_0602 OEB south.jpg (50326 bytes)
Treasury building Treasury columns Old Executive Office bldg.
(south side)
3670 Federal Trade Commission.JPG (69121 bytes) 860 lib cong grand hall detail (+).jpg (97578 bytes) 863 lib cong grand hall detail (+).jpg (85029 bytes)
Federal Trade Commission Library of Congress
interior detail
Library of Congress
interior detail
3636 National Archives in summer.JPG (98487 bytes) 1402 Archives columns & capitols.jpg (51482 bytes) 3260 World Bank dusk.JPG (105715 bytes)
National Archives Archives columns & capitals World Bank, dusk
The following six images were taken from Lafayette Park
(right across from the White House):
1991 Old Executive Office bldg early sun snow.jpg (110800 bytes) 1337 Lafayette Sq Lafayette.jpg (86167 bytes) 2066 Lafayette Park Lafayette statue snow (+).jpg (68011 bytes)
Old Executive Office Bldg
(early sun with snow)
Jackson on horseback Jackson statue, snow
2131 Lafayette cannon snow with bird (+).jpg (104894 bytes) 2133 Lafayette red bldg, benches, snow (+).jpg (70904 bytes) 2124 Lafayette oval fountain snow.jpg (70646 bytes)
Cannon with bird Looking east Oval fountain in snow
IMG_7651 Rayburn House Office bldg, snow, early AM (+).jpg (69972 bytes) 886 Russell B Long senate office bldg.jpg (97142 bytes) 883 Everett Dirksen Senate office building.jpg (57018 bytes)
Rayburn House Office Bldg
Snowy night
Russell B. Long
Senate Office Building
Everett Dirksen
Senate Office Building
960 ariel rios (+).jpg (75786 bytes) 3252 Department of the Interior dusk.JPG (84629 bytes) 3251 Department of the Interior (side view) dusk.JPG (84579 bytes)
Ariel Rios building detail Dept. of the Interior
at dusk
Dept. of the Interior
side view at dusk
107 Old P.O. FBI.jpg (83654 bytes) 4453 FTC statue, man muscling horse back, sunsetting light (+).jpg (68944 bytes) IMG_0503 statue FDR & dog.jpg (47478 bytes)
F.B.I. bldg from Old P.O. Statue outside FTC FDR statue
IMG_0537 Federal Reserve (good).jpg (43522 bytes) 1237 IRS pillars (unmod).jpg (56467 bytes) 6086 IRS sunset sky (ok).jpg (73951 bytes)
Federal Reserve Bldg. IRS pillars IRS sunset light
910 Capitol Bldg from Freedom Plaza sunset.jpg (52322 bytes) 102 Old Post Office interior.jpg (55623 bytes) 4501 Reagan Nat'l Airport main hall (good).jpg (100052 bytes)
Capitol Bldg/Old P.O.Tower
setting sun
Old Post Office atrium (Reagan) National Airport
(main hall)
4503 Reagan Nat'l floor mosaic medallion.jpg (88584 bytes) IMG_0514 Korean War Mem, Lincoln Mem, and tourists (ok).jpg (94446 bytes) IMG_0527 Vietnam War Mem statue detail (good).jpg (112045 bytes)
(Reagan) National Airport
(floor mosaic artwork)
Korean War Memorial
(Lincoln Mem. background)
Vietnam War Memorial
statue detail

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