National Gallery East Wing--pictures

by Keith Stanley 

(copyright 2002, 2005)

   Here are some of my images of the National Gallery East Wing in
Washington, D.C. (click on any image for a higher resolution download).

The exterior:

National GalleryNational Gallery
National GalleryNational GalleryNational Gallery
The interior (atrium):
National Gallery AtriumNational Gallery Atrium
AtriumAtriumIMG_9519 nga atrium (very good).jpg (69648 bytes) IMG_9514 national gallery of art, east wing, atrium (good).jpg (57931 bytes)
IMG_9516 nga, atrium.jpg (63568 bytes) IMG_9518 national gallery atrium skylight (good).jpg (61545 bytes) IMG_9515 nga atrium roof.jpg (77874 bytes)

A few items from the permanent collection:

398 Lichenstein Cosmology 1977.jpg (109459 bytes) 400 Lichenstein, Cubist Still Life 1974.JPG (57556 bytes)  
IMG_1210 Lichtenstein.jpg (94426 bytes) 396 Pat Stier Curtain Waterfall 1991.jpg (81150 bytes)
For my pictures of the National Gallery West Wing, see National Gallery West Wing (Pictures).

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