National Gallery West Wing--pictures

by Keith Stanley 

(copyright 2002-2005)

Here are some of my images of the National Gallery West Wing in Washington, D.C. (click on any image for a higher resolution download).
Nat'l Gallery Art (W wing) detail on the mall 325.JPG (83267 bytes) Nat'l Gallery West Wing CN Ave side 341.jpg (81426 bytes) IMG_9592 nat gal w, main axis (ok).jpg (51118 bytes)
Mall entrance Constitution Ave. entrance Central hall
IMG_9593 nat gal w gallery (good).jpg (40630 bytes) IMG_9596 nat gal w rotunda.jpg (49401 bytes) IMG_9601 a statuary hall.jpg (37631 bytes)
A gallery Rotunda A statuary hall
IMG_9608 diana and hound (ok).jpg (30249 bytes) IMG_9609 national gallery of art, west, rotunda, bw (ok).jpg (40887 bytes) IMG_9614 gallery w couch (good).jpg (26469 bytes)
Diana and a hound Rotunda Gallery with a sofa
IMG_9610 relaxing in the drawing room (ok).jpg (39221 bytes) IMG_9613 national gallery of art, west, under arms (good).jpg (67569 bytes) IMG_9617 futureistic walkway (good).jpg (53347 bytes)
Relaxing in the drawing room Bas Relief, marching Underground walkway
between east & west wings

Springtime, blossoming trees, east side of West Wing:

National Gallery trees in blossum pink.JPG (103952 bytes)

For my pictures of the National Gallery East Wing, see National Gallery East Wing (Pictures).

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