Protest Pictures--Contested Presidential Election

Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court and Inaugural Protests

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2001)

    The first group of photos on this page were taken on December 11, 2000, in the vicinity of the U.S. Supreme Court as it heard arguments in the case of Bush v. Gore, concerning whether the Florida Supreme Court had overstepped its bounds in ordering manual recounts of votes cast in that state in the November 7 presidential election.  The second group of photos were taken on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, when George W. Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd president of the United States.  Owing to the closeness of the election and uncertainties in the vote count, some people protested in Washington, DC.

Supreme Court Protest (December 11, 2000):


Copy of 4591 crowd in front of Supreme Court (+).jpg (103212 bytes) Copy of 4596 from Monica to Chads.jpg (145525 bytes)
Supreme Court protest From Monica to Chads
Copy of 4605 Supreme Court protest (good).jpg (64005 bytes) Copy of 4585 the scene in front of Supreme Court (+).jpg (134342 bytes)
Supreme Court protest Crowd against the barricades
Copy of 4593 Supreme Court protest.jpg (85803 bytes) Copy of 4560 senior citizens speak.jpg (87110 bytes)
Faces in the crowd Senior citizens speak
Copy of 4567 about to go on the air.jpg (91575 bytes) Copy of 4558 Bush vehicle crop (+).jpg (89945 bytes)
About to go on the air Bushmobile
Copy of 4590 protestors in front of Supreme Court (+).jpg (98036 bytes) Copy of 4588 the donkey.jpg (59734 bytes)
Supreme Court, protest crowd The donkey
Copy of 4579 Fox network.jpg (88024 bytes) Copy of 4572 behind the scene.jpg (89142 bytes)
Fox network news crew Behind the scenes

Inaugural Protest (January, 20, 2001):

Copy of 4831 crowd shot, taken looking toward fountain (good).jpg (112550 bytes) Copy of 4843 crowd, looking toward speaker's platform (+).jpg (115589 bytes)
Protesters at Dupont Circle Protesters at Dupont Circle
Copy of 4835 signs of protest.jpg (74785 bytes) Copy of 4830 protesters with flag.jpg (77869 bytes)
Signs of protest Protesters
Copy of 4863 crowd at the fountain.jpg (84841 bytes) Copy of 4850 Local 1033.jpg (95760 bytes)
Protesters at the Circle Local 1033
Copy of 4879 marchers P at 17th.jpg (113754 bytes) Copy of 4872 marchers P & 17th.jpg (111423 bytes)
Marchers on P Street Marchers on P Street at 17th
Copy of 4887 marchers P Street & 17th Street.jpg (97936 bytes) Copy of 4888 Supreme Ct puppet (good).jpg (39402 bytes)
Marchers Supreme Court decision making

For a broader view of Washington, DC, see my Washington, DC, Homepage.

For pictures of another protest, see IMF Protest Demonstration at Dupont Circle.

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