Protest War against Iraq--Pictures

Demonstration, Washington, DC; October 2002

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

    On October 26, 2002, there was an anti-war rally and protest march in Washington, DC.  The rally and march were, in my observation, entirely peaceful, and were the occasion of feelings of considerable goodwill, purpose, and camaraderie among diverse groups of protestors.   The march began and ended near the Vietnam War Memorial, circling the White House en route.  Below are twenty-four pictures of the event:
IMG_7036 crowd along reflecting pond (ok).jpg (88595 bytes) IMG_7029 the platform from shade (ok).jpg (102425 bytes) IMG_7044 Palestinian woman puppet & crowd (good).jpg (81753 bytes)
Protestors along reflecting pond Podium viewed from the shade Puppet in the crowd
IMG_7057 across the reflecting pond.jpg (83296 bytes) IMG_7056 across the reflecting pond w foreground woman.jpg (95292 bytes) IMG_7026 girl with videocam & crowd (good).jpg (69290 bytes)
Across the reflecting pond Across the reflecting pond Girl with videocam
IMG_7055 Absurd Response (good).jpg (101749 bytes) IMG_7052 Larouche.jpg (57028 bytes) IMG_7062 flag guy (ok).jpg (42703 bytes)
Absurd response Larouche Grassroots politics
IMG_7063 carrying (ok).jpg (87227 bytes) IMG_7064 marchers & little stone house.jpg (92347 bytes) IMG_7068 antiwar demonstration with Wash Mon & foreground garden (good).jpg (70256 bytes)
Carrying the dead Marchers pass a little stone house Marchers & Washington Mon.
IMG_7069 Palestinian women Promote the Peace (good).jpg (109750 bytes) IMG_7071 Palestinian women Promote the Peace (close-up) (good).jpg (105865 bytes) IMG_7074 man & woman, Corcoran steps (ok).jpg (37303 bytes)
Palestinian women
Promote the Peace
Promote the Peace, close-up On the Corcoran steps
IMG_7078 New England committee Palestine.jpg (91803 bytes) IMG_7082 stop shopping, start thinking.jpg (86093 bytes) IMG_7092 Jews Against the Occupation.jpg (59029 bytes)
New England Committee Stop Shopping, Start Thinking Jews against the occupation
IMG_7099 protestors happy blurry.jpg (86751 bytes) IMG_7102 marchers girls (+).jpg (68185 bytes) IMG_7100 marchers.jpg (48785 bytes)
A good time Young women marching Marchers
IMG_7103 War Isnt Working.jpg (80786 bytes) IMG_7107 leading the chants.jpg (49495 bytes) IMG_7108 war is the enemy of the poor.jpg (92650 bytes)
Marching Exhorting the crowd War is the Enemy of the Poor

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