Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, is one of the world's largest churches.  Architecturally, it is notable as a combination of Romanesque and Byzantine styles.  These pictures were taken May, 2003.
IMG_8206 Shrine.JPG (91011 bytes) IMG_8205 Shrine dome.JPG (58557 bytes) IMG_8199 dome, +.JPG (41803 bytes)
Basilica, from the Northeast Dome, exterior Dome and tower
IMG_8209 Shrine dome from below.JPG (43561 bytes) IMG_8210 the Great Upper Church.JPG (46802 bytes) IMG_8214 mosaic dome interior detail.JPG (50329 bytes)
Dome from below the Great Upper Church,
interior dome
Interior dome, detail
IMG_8219 organ pipes and hanging light.JPG (42249 bytes) IMG_8226 church front, Christ mosaic.JPG (44110 bytes) IMG_8229 3 mosaics.JPG (78503 bytes)
Organ pipes & hanging light "Christ in Majesty" Mosaics
IMG_8217 Great Upper Church, back.JPG (38857 bytes) IMG_8235 grillwork.JPG (46265 bytes) IMG_8236 perpetual help.JPG (35234 bytes)
Great Upper Church,
toward the rear
Grillwork Mother of Perpetual Help
IMG_8237 stained glass, lower level.JPG (97109 bytes)
Stained glass,

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