Smithsonian Miscellany, Photos

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2002)

     I was down on the Mall today (January 7, 2001) poking around in a few of the Smithsonian Museums.  I can't say why it is I took the particular pictures I took . . . it seems rather an odd collection.  Here are today's pictures:

4812 The Pink Tree by Currin (sp).JPG (41796 bytes) 4803 NatGal gift shop display 2 (+).JPG (106073 bytes)
The Pink Tree by Currin
(at the Hirshhorn)
National Gallery gift shop
4808 NatGal gift shop display (+).JPG (103038 bytes) 4804 NatGal gift shop display (good).JPG (90638 bytes)
National Gallery gift shop National Gallery gift shop
4801 NatGal mens rm (blue highlights 2) btw E  W wings (+).JPG (58875 bytes) 4809 Wright Flyer Air & Space (flyer brightened).JPG (64527 bytes)
National Gallery men's room
with blue highlights
The Wright Flyer at Air & Space

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