Union Station - Washington, DC
Photos by Keith Stanley (copyright 2005)

The following pictures were taken at Union Station in Washington, DC:

IMG_0344 Union Station interior detail unmod (+).jpg (67460 bytes) IMG_0346 Union Station central dining (good).jpg (59524 bytes) IMG_1771 arches and barrels (good).jpg (48077 bytes)
Union Station - interior detail Dining under the Arches
at Union Station
Arches and barrels
IMG_1752 union station main hall (ok).jpg (49405 bytes) IMG_1764 arches and workmanship (ok).jpg (43554 bytes) IMG_9557acela.jpg (45951 bytes)
Union Station - Main Hall Arches and workmanship Amtrak - Acela counter
IMG_9556 fantasy w britney spears (very good).jpg (65545 bytes) IMG_0693 diner early union sta (ok).jpg (61355 bytes) IMG_7800 Union Sta exterior arched way (ok).jpg (37631 bytes)
Fantasy Britney Spears
Union Station shopfront
Union Station diner,
food court basement
Union Station,
exterior arches

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