Flowers & plants, photographed

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2000, 2005)

    The following nine pictures were all taken at the U.S. Botanic Gardens, near the Capitol Building, in Washington, DC:

IMG_1108 orchids.jpg (88897 bytes) IMG_1110 orchid (ok).jpg (68208 bytes) IMG_1114 orchids (good).jpg (65087 bytes)
Orchids Orchids Orchids
IMG_1119 cacti, drooping (ok).jpg (69691 bytes) IMG_1120 cacti, drooping (good).jpg (74411 bytes) IMG_1124 cacti round (ok).jpg (84810 bytes)
Cacti, drooping Cacti, drooping Cactus, round
IMG_1125 cacti, desert room, people (ok).jpg (98514 bytes) IMG_1103 trunk with vines.jpg (73664 bytes) IMG_1100 broad leaves sun.jpg (67906 bytes)
Desert room Trunk with vines Broad leaves in the sun
     Follow this link for some beautiful pictures of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Chapel Hill, NC:  Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

     The following images were taken at various (other) locations.  Some are straight from a digital camera, others have been 'creatively enhanced':

Copy of 3599 marigolds (traditional orange).jpg (149989 bytes) Copy of 2779 inverse yellow tulips sharpened.jpg (139813 bytes) Copy of 1394 daisies.jpg (138525 bytes)
Marigolds Tulips in cool blue Daisies' natural glory
Copy of 1394 daisies camera lens cooled & unsharped.jpg (130005 bytes) Copy of 2781 yellow tulips and a red one crop (+).jpg (99104 bytes) Copy of 204 green & white leafy profusion (+).jpg (188153 bytes)
Cool daisies Tulips--yellow & a red Leafy profusion
IMG_0385 stringy mums, invert (ok).jpg (78240 bytes) Copy of 1257 pink flower made blue.jpg (100147 bytes) Copy of 2913 Green Leafy Plant.jpg (116603 bytes)
Stringy mums in blue Hibiscus in cool shades Hosta?
Copy of 555 Bruns Hs flowers (unmodified).jpg (97075 bytes) Copy of 307 Sackler floral arrangement.jpg (154215 bytes) Copy of 2821 azalia unkempt lawn (+).jpg (124671 bytes)
Impatiens Floral arrangement Azaleas
IMG_9791 lotus blossom (ok).jpg (40788 bytes) Copy of 3583 sunflower (+).jpg (65384 bytes) Copy of 3265 leafy plants color rich (+).jpg (94392 bytes)
Lotus blossom Sunflower Coleus
        The last two are my favorites for 'painterly' effect.  They began as digital photographs of a floral arrangement, which were then transformed into something more impressionistic with digital imaging software:
Copy of 2238 floral arrangement mod +.jpg (76603 bytes) Copy of 2239 vase bouquet modified +.jpg (68784 bytes)
Flowers in vase, 1st study Flowers in vase, 2nd study

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