Las Vegas & vicinity (2nd trip)

by Keith Stanley

(copyright 2001)

   This page includes pictures of Las Vegas proper, as well as Hoover Dam and Valley of the Fire State Park (each about an hour from the city):
Copy of 5341 Paris overhang luminous green (ok).jpg (105718 bytes) Copy of 5380 Lake Mead from dam top.jpg (68151 bytes) Copy of 5396 red sandstone grain & luninence nr mouse's tank (good).jpg (79327 bytes)
Paris entrance overhang Lake Mead with Hoover Dam
water intake structure
Sandstone striations
Copy of 5346 Bellagio w fountain.jpg (77300 bytes) Copy of 5371 Hoover Dam hoist.jpg (83583 bytes) Copy of 5387 valley of fire state park (ok).jpg (89162 bytes)
Bellagio fountain night Hoist structure Hoover Dam Valley of Fire (VoF)
Copy of 5360 Mandalay Bay (ok).jpg (71532 bytes) Copy of 5375 Hoover Dam generator room floor (ok).jpg (74522 bytes) Copy of 5392 rock formation valley of fire.jpg (96478 bytes)
Mandalay Bay Power plant generators Rock formation VoF
Copy of 5331 LV Aladdin shopping area (I think).jpg (65290 bytes) Copy of 5374 Hoover Dam generator shaft space.jpg (54891 bytes) Copy of 5391 rock formation & Keith.jpg (97317 bytes)
Aladdin shopping area Turbine-generator shaft Rock formation VoF, with me
Copy of 5361 Mandalay Bay exterior grounds griffin.jpg (30841 bytes) Copy of 5373 Hoover Dam interior.jpg (62876 bytes) Copy of 5394 petroglyphs nr mouse's tank, valley of fire state park, nevada.jpg (87033 bytes)
Mandalay Bay 'icon' Power plant interior Petroglyphs VoF
Copy of 5376 Hoover Dam exterior from outside power station.jpg (97812 bytes) Copy of 5369 Hoover Dam.jpg (105740 bytes) Copy of 5395 petroglyphs.jpg (88089 bytes)
Hoover Dam seen from
exterior of power plant
Hoover Dam Petroglyphs VoF
Copy of 5377 Hoover Dam chart.jpg (58134 bytes)
Chart of Hoover Dam

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