Malaysia Images

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2004)

Kuala Lumpur:

Img_8863 KL day, orchid garden area, leaf sun-dappled.jpg (72857 bytes) IMG_8881 nat'l mosque, expansive (ok).jpg (29721 bytes) IMG_8872 at the national mosque.jpg (50629 bytes) IMG_8889 parliament building under arch w jana.jpg (51294 bytes)
Lake Gardens-
A sun-dappled leaf
National Mosque National Mosque, detail Parliament building with arch
IMG_8896 nat'l monu.jpg (56550 bytes) IMG_8878 a spot of KL skyline.jpg (39981 bytes) IMG_8879 dayabumi building.jpg (25932 bytes) IMG_8897 KL Central Market t-shirt display (good).jpg (91614 bytes)
National Monument A spot of KL skyline Dayabumi building T-shirts at Central Market
IMG_8855 petronas parachute.jpg (55343 bytes) Img_8860 petronas, night (good).jpg (44122 bytes) IMG_8912 petronas night (+).jpg (96194 bytes) IMG_8913 petronas, base, eve (ok).jpg (62340 bytes)
Petronas parachutist Petronas, night Petronas Towers, night Petronas base, evening
Img_8899 petronas, interior, lobby (ok).jpg (41382 bytes) IMG_8900 petronas interior design (ok).jpg (55038 bytes) IMG_8902 petronas interior detail (nice).jpg (68430 bytes) IMG_8904 petronas interior detail.jpg (58330 bytes)
Petronas, interior lobby Petronas, interior design Petronas, interior design Petronas, interior detail
IMG_8910 petronas vicinity, eve (ok).jpg (32808 bytes) IMG_8908 KLCC shoppers (good).jpg (66400 bytes) IMG_8917 performing arts hall, night.jpg (33807 bytes) IMG_8920 electric blue art museum maybe, night.jpg (50933 bytes)
Petronas vicinity, evening KLCC shoppers Performing Art Hall, night Art Museum, electric blue


Img_8944 contrasting shopfronts.jpg (75788 bytes) IMG_8949 temple.jpg (86257 bytes) Img_8953  main shrine in forefront.jpg (81089 bytes)
Peranakan shopfronts a temple a temple, main shrine
Img_8922 shoes like jana used to wear.jpg (46195 bytes) Img_8924 3-wheeled.jpg (52854 bytes) Img_8936 reconstructed sultanate palace roof.jpg (73666 bytes)
Footwear for sale Trishaw Reconstructed
sultanate palace


Pictures of the old Chinese section of Georgetown, Penang (& Little India):

Img_9047 street shopfronts (ok).jpg (81747 bytes) Img_9050 old tiled roof bldg (ok).jpg (77673 bytes) Img_9049 kuan yin teng w joss sticks.jpg (56931 bytes) Img_9045 shops passageway no2 (ok).jpg (24380 bytes)
Shopfronts Old tiled-roof Kuan Yin Teng temple,
burning incense on the 15th
Sidewalk passageway
IMG_9066 shopfronts.jpg (50291 bytes) Img_9067 old tiled rooftop bldgs w dog (good).jpg (81528 bytes) IMG_9069 shopfronts dusk.jpg (54864 bytes) Img_9046 alley rear of residences.jpg (53856 bytes)
Shopfronts Old tile roof & dog Shops Alley behind shops, residences
Img_9051 little india street construction shopfronts (good).jpg (72335 bytes) Img_9053 little india, shopfront w street construction (good).jpg (51880 bytes) Img_9054 little india street construction (good).jpg (83717 bytes) IMG_9055 street construction and shopwares (ok).jpg (73796 bytes)
Little India shopfronts,
with street construction
Little India shops,
street construction
Little India,
with street construction
Little India shop wares,
street construction, 
Img_9057 shopfronts, construction (good).jpg (47816 bytes) Img_9060 more shopfronts (good).jpg (45595 bytes) IMG_9061 construction little india (good).jpg (82075 bytes) IMG_9062 shopfront walker.jpg (77955 bytes)
Little India,
with street construction
Little India,
Little India, construction Shopfront walker
IMG_9071 indian restaurant, dusk (ok).jpg (81101 bytes) Img_9072 a vendor at storefront (good).jpg (87311 bytes) Img_9073 some wares (ok).jpg (98150 bytes) Img_9074 end historic chinatown (ok).jpg (79983 bytes)
Indian restaurant Vendor at storefront Pewter wares Restoran Pulau Pinang

The Khoo Kongsi clan house in the old Chinese section of Penang:

IMG_9362 Khoo Kongsi, exterior roofline.jpg (79565 bytes) IMG_9350 jana at Khoo Kongsi (good).jpg (66891 bytes) IMG_9353 porch.jpg (96938 bytes)
Khoo Kongsi roofline Khoo Kongsi
stairs & porch
Khoo Kongsi porch
IMG_9352 carved tiger maybe stylized, stone (good).jpg (83500 bytes) IMG_9356 down length of porch, crop (good).jpg (56284 bytes) IMG_9354 one of the shrines (ok).jpg (113048 bytes)
Tiger relief in stone Khoo Kongsi porch Khoo Kongsi shrine
IMG_9359 artwork - wise men contemplate (good).jpg (83450 bytes) IMG_9360 shrine (good).jpg (97768 bytes) IMG_9363 interior, lower [museum] level (good).jpg (34054 bytes)
Artwork on back wall,
wise men contemplate good
Another Khoo Kongsi shrine Lower level passageway
to museum

Air Itam open air market and hawker's stalls:

IMG_9011 market and motorbikes.jpg (80485 bytes) IMG_9014 seller.jpg (80869 bytes) Img_9023 old woman happy stall (good).jpg (45126 bytes)
Market and motorbikes Stalls Happy old woman
Img_9021 3 women foodsellers (ok).jpg (72840 bytes) Img_9015 hawkers food dining (ok).jpg (86412 bytes) Img_9020 stalls.jpg (89486 bytes)
Women foodsellers Hawker food dining Stalls and motorbikes
IMG_9130 woman with sides of pork (ok).jpg (58166 bytes) Img_9134 shrimp and fish for sale (ok).jpg (48166 bytes) Img_9135 fish for sale (good).jpg (53504 bytes)
Woman with sides of pork Shrimp and fish for sale Fish for sale
Img_9129 hawker stand (good).jpg (72145 bytes) Img_9138 market street scene (ok).jpg (77413 bytes) Img_9128 market, motorbikes nr jana's.jpg (93714 bytes)
Hawker stand Street market scene Market and motorbikes

Kek Lok Si:

IMG_8988 a temple roof.jpg (55761 bytes) Img_8993 pagoda, temple, sky.jpg (64712 bytes) IMG_8998 vairochana buddha.jpg (90974 bytes) IMG_9002 carved stone pillar (ok).jpg (47844 bytes)
a temple rooftop Kek Lok Si
Temple & Pagoda
Vairochana Buddha Carved stone pillar
IMG_8997 stone wall carved.jpg (108321 bytes) IMG_9006 kek lok si from air itam.jpg (68331 bytes) Img_9004 turtles.jpg (61685 bytes)
Carved stone wall View of Kek Lok Si
from Air Itam

During our time in Penang, we visited several other temples:

Img_9037 hindu temple 2, interior (ok).jpg (55075 bytes) IMG_9094 reclining buddha more.jpg (75240 bytes) IMG_9104 golden temple roof, blue sky.jpg (81579 bytes) IMG_9098 a stupa.jpg (34254 bytes)
Hindu temple interior Reclining Buddha Burmese style
Buddhist temple
Img_9097 burmise buddhist temple.jpg (99965 bytes) IMG_9103 buddha in golden splendor with big hands (ok).jpg (61414 bytes) IMG_9101 buddha, as imaged, in different cultures.jpg (58147 bytes)
Burmese style
Buddhist temple,
Buddha in golden
Buddha, as imaged in
different cultures

Other Penang pictures:

IMG_9041 botanic gardens view (ok).jpg (73873 bytes) Img_9026 dam reservoir sunset (good).jpg (48483 bytes) Img_9027 tree sillouette, evening sky.jpg (33899 bytes)
Botanical Gardens Reservoir at sunset/dusk Silhouetted trees
above reservor

Cameron Highlands around Tanah Rata:

Img_9236 tanah rata (children's) park (good).jpg (69620 bytes) Img_9239 Boh tea estate.jpg (75717 bytes) Img_9241 fellow travelor's at tea estate.jpg (42246 bytes) Img_9247 worker's lodging, tea estate.jpg (79174 bytes)
Children's park
in Tanah Rata
Boh Tea Estate, land Tea bushes on hillside,
showing pathways worker's
use to cut new growth
tea leaves
Tea estate -
worker's lodging
IMG_9255 butterfly on rocks.jpg (78527 bytes) Img_9261 strawberry farm and view.jpg (52915 bytes) IMG_9260 hillside town view (ok).jpg (65079 bytes) Img_9282 tanah rate mini market night (ok).jpg (78749 bytes)
Butterfly on rocks Strawberry farm & view View of a town on hillside Tanah Rata mini-market,

Departing Cameron Highlands:

Img_9285 baby on bus, cute (good).jpg (34998 bytes) Img_9290 keith w baby on bus (good).jpg (44536 bytes) Img_9293 waiting at the bus station (good).jpg (72122 bytes)
The baby on the bus Sleeping in my arms People waiting,
at the bus station

For additional Malaysia images, see More Pictures.

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