Nova Scotia

by Keith Stanley
(copyright 2003)

    My favorite 'port of call' in Nova Scotia was Lunenburg, which is a working fishing village and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  For pictures of Lunenburg, see Lunenburg.  This page contains some of my other images of Nova Scotia from August, 2003.  To get to Nova Scotia, we took the overnight ferry from Portland, Maine (the Scotia Prince, which, in many ways, is like a cruise ship), landing in Yarmouth.  From Yarmouth, we drove up the southeastern coastline, stopping in Lunenburg (2 nights), before heading on to Halifax (3 nights).  From Halifax, we essentially drove all day to reach Cape Breton Island and Cape Breton Highlands National Park ('CBHNP') in far northeastern Nova Scotia.
IMG_8522 lifeboats, walkway (ok).jpg (77324 bytes) IMG_8527 parent & child at rail (good).jpg (50767 bytes) IMG_8528 ship's mast (ok).jpg (24794 bytes)
Lifeboats aboard the Scotia Prince Scotia Prince morning Ship's mast
IMG_8531 Yarnouth morning (good).jpg (56888 bytes) IMG_8593 halifax harbor, 'ferry' & fog.jpg (32056 bytes) IMG_8599 Bluenose II at dock.jpg (34163 bytes)
Yarmouth, morning Halifax harbor tour, foggy Bluenose II at dock
IMG_8600 aboard Bluenose II, deck detail, wood.jpg (43573 bytes) IMG_8610 cannon firing demo.jpg (68585 bytes) IMG_8604 public garden cupola, crop (ok).jpg (88245 bytes)
Bluenose II, deck detail The 'Noonday Gun' (cannon firing)
at the Citadel Nat'l Historic Site
Halifax Public Gardens
IMG_8633 fishing boats [ocean predator II] & rock breakwater.jpg (72662 bytes) IMG_8634 fishing boats.jpg (59743 bytes) IMG_8642 bog reflections (ok).jpg (91858 bytes)
Fishing boats
(northern Cape Breton Island)
Fishing boats
(northern Cape Breton Island)
Bog reflections
on a CBHNP trail
IMG_8654 skyline bity blooms, crop (ok).jpg (63569 bytes)
Tiny blooms along a trail
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