Puerto Rico, Photos

by Keith Stanley

(Copyright 2003, 2006)

Old San Juan:
IMG_0254 toward el morro.jpg (66452 bytes) IMG_7674 osj city wall with buildings (ok).jpg (71786 bytes) IMG_7676 fountain sculpture on paseo de la princesa, detail (ok).jpg (48614 bytes)
Looking toward El Morro fortress Buildings above the city wall Sculpture on the Paseo
de la Princesa
IMG_7681 old San Juan street.jpg (44824 bytes) Old San Juan street, dusk, christmas lights.jpg (99505 bytes) cigars (san juan).jpg (84667 bytes)
Old San Juan,
typical city street
Dusk on Christmas Day
[picture by jana stanley]
Cigar shop window
IMG_0226 Old San Juan, looking toward el morro.jpg (69131 bytes) IMG_0227 Old San Juan from below the walls, religious procession statue (good).jpg (110252 bytes) IMG_0229 OSJ, religious procession (statue) with lookout post (good).jpg (104780 bytes)
Looking toward El Morro From below city walls Sculpture and lookout
Old San Juan, walking outside city walls.jpg (78759 bytes) IMG_0271 old san juan street, dusk (good).jpg (73867 bytes) IMG_7697 old san juan dwelling.jpg (59331 bytes)
Walking outside city walls
[picture by jana stanley]
Street at dusk Old San Juan dwelling
IMG_7684 view from el morro grounds toward la perla.jpg (52312 bytes) IMG_7686 la perla.jpg (71236 bytes) IMG_7689 unrestored house, old san juan.jpg (42681 bytes)
View from El Morro
toward La Perla
La Perla Unrestored house
IMG_0261 el morro battlements with new watch tower.jpg (56818 bytes) IMG_7685 stone sculpture column totem.jpg (41173 bytes) IMG_0262 el morro, dry moat toward sea.jpg (57833 bytes)
El Morro, battlements Sculpture, column El Morro, detail
IMG_7678 Parrot Club restaurant, interior, faces blurred (ok).jpg (61956 bytes) IMG_0237 OSJ, interior el convento.jpg (70733 bytes) IMG_0235 housefront, OSJ.jpg (75419 bytes)
Parrot Club (restaurant)
El Convento hotel interior Old San Juan housefront
IMG_7694 San Cristobal.jpg (42407 bytes)
San Cristobal fortress
Greater San Juan:
san juan botanic garden.jpg (141585 bytes) IMG_3170 botanic gardens, san juan.jpg (153551 bytes) IMG_3304 huge refrigerator image (good).jpg (76711 bytes)
Jardin botanic garden
[picture by jana stanley]
Botanic gardens The huge refrigerator
IMG_3298 san juan museo fine art, interior.jpg (70322 bytes) IMG_3297 at san juan museo fine art (ok).jpg (124438 bytes)
Museo Fine Art, interior At museo of fine art
El Yunque rainforest (national park):
IMG_7723 El Yunque water dribble w people.jpg (64979 bytes) IMG_7731 el yunque rain forest, big tree trail.jpg (76812 bytes) IMG_7732 el yunque, big tree trail falls with people.jpg (66145 bytes)
La Coca 'falls' Big Tree Trail through
tabonuco forest
Falls on Big Tree Trail
IMG_7733 downstream people.jpg (74528 bytes) IMG_7726 red tap roots with green (ok).jpg (57415 bytes) IMG_7743 a view from top mt britton.jpg (39870 bytes)
Downstream, people Tap roots View from top of Mt Britton
Ponce, a city of traditions on the south coast:
IMG_7709 Ponce, cathedral & fountain, night (+).jpg (27750 bytes) IMG_7704 Ponce firehouse museum (good).jpg (72334 bytes) IMG_7705 Ponce firehouse antique fire engine (ok).jpg (69679 bytes)
Cathedral Guadalupe
& fountain,
Plaza Las Delicias
Firehouse museum with antique fire engine
IMG_7706 Ponce, ice-cream shop crowd, evening (good).jpg (57919 bytes) IMG_7700 hotel melia, interior courtyard night, ponce.jpg (28578 bytes) IMG_0367 sidewalk scene night (good).jpg (86680 bytes)
Ice cream in the night Hotel Melia,
interior courtyard
On the street
IMG_3264 cathedral length nave (good).jpg (89266 bytes) IMG_3266 alter.jpg (120845 bytes) IMG_3278 parque poncenos (ok).jpg (131021 bytes)
Cathedral Guadalupe, nave Cathedral Guadalupe, detail Parque Poncenos
IMG_3261 ponce dwelling (good).jpg (90280 bytes) IMG_0358 casa alcadia, xmas decorations night.jpg (74272 bytes) IMG_0368 parque de bombas and xmas tree, night.jpg (77298 bytes)
On the street Casa Alcadia
Christmas decorations
Parque de Bombas & Xmas tree
Playa Jobos and Rincon (surfing) areas:
IMG_0328 straightaway off the rear deck.jpg (52907 bytes) IMG_0329 looking down toward playa jobos surfing area (good).jpg (62744 bytes) IMG_0337 the bar next door.jpg (113416 bytes)
From Hotel rear deck,
Ocean Front (hotel)
Looking down Playa Jobos
toward surfing area
The bar next door
IMG_0324 playa jobos from Ocean Front (good).jpg (56401 bytes) IMG_0346 surfing playa jobos.jpg (71048 bytes) IMG_0348 getting ready to surf.jpg (83125 bytes)
Looking to the west from the deck Surfing Getting ready
IMG_0350 surf respite.jpg (84054 bytes) IMG_0338 crashing surf off playa jobos.jpg (86626 bytes) IMG_0340 crashing surf.jpg (77690 bytes)
Respite Crashing surf On the rocky shore
IMG_0353 Rincon surf beach.jpg (74723 bytes) IMG_0357 rincon lighthouse.jpg (68754 bytes) IMG_3250 dive shop (ok).jpg (100144 bytes)
Rincon surfing beach Rincon lighthouse Dive shop
IMG_3251 rincon.jpg (97079 bytes) IMG_3220 on the beach, horseback (good).jpg (57759 bytes) IMG_3234 foot in stirrup over sand.jpg (124722 bytes)
Rincon Horseback riding
near Playa Jobos
Foot in stirrup over beach
Other areas:
IMG_0309 cavemouth mist.jpg (75856 bytes) IMG_0301 lush jungle, camuy cave.jpg (125348 bytes) IMG_0322 cave structure.jpg (67140 bytes)
Rio Camuy cave park Lush jungle around cave park Cave structure
IMG_0315 drinking the mineral water.jpg (70631 bytes) arecibo observatory sillouette.jpg (62682 bytes) IMG_7713 San German Sq from church steps (+).jpg (72610 bytes)
Drinking the mineral water Arecibo Observatory, detail San German, a town square

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