Salt Lake City Public Library--Architecture Pictures

by Keith & Jana Stanley
(copyright 2004)

The new Salt Lake City Public Library building (which opened early 2003), designed by architect Moshe Safdie, is probably the best public library building I've ever experienced, at least in terms of modern architecture and amenities.  In addition to the books, the views, and the aesthetic experience, one can find working fireplaces, a rooftop garden, and shopping (including the all-essential coffee shop).  The following pictures were taken on a cloudy December afternoon:
P1010250 slc library atrium.jpg (59241 bytes) IMG_0204 view from atrium toward library stacks.jpg (65611 bytes) IMG_0205 sweeping element from inside (good).jpg (54490 bytes)
Atrium From atrium floor,
looking toward library stacks
Looking out toward an
exterior element
IMG_0199 salt lake city pub library, exterior reflections.jpg (59519 bytes) IMG_0200 slc library exterior sweeping element.jpg (39635 bytes) IMG_0211 library stairways (good).jpg (44573 bytes)
Exterior reflections Exterior element Stairways on atrium
IMG_0225 library prow and interior (good).jpg (77663 bytes) IMG_0224 jana, stairway to glass (good).jpg (73539 bytes) P1010255 exterior view from within (ok).jpg (60216 bytes)
Glassy 'prow' Stairway to glass Looking outside
IMG_0212 reading carrols and supporting elements (ok).jpg (36823 bytes) P1010249 windows on the world (ok).jpg (54588 bytes) IMG_0223 serpentine workstation (ok).jpg (60621 bytes)
Study carrels with a view Windows on the world Serpentine workstation
IMG_0227 exterior window to interior (ok).jpg (51949 bytes) P1010262 lit external element (ok).jpg (39135 bytes)
Looking in from outside External element, lit

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